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8277503: compiler/onSpinWait/ f…
…ailed with "OnSpinWaitInst with the expected value 'isb' not found."

Reviewed-by: phh
Backport-of: 7b2d823e842e6a66dbe46b048da44ca9e5485c75
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eastig authored and Paul Hohensee committed Jan 20, 2022
1 parent fe1d8e9 commit 43ddf82214c1b0721fb5afc35aec6f2f6b800644
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -87,7 +87,8 @@ public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
final String cpuModel = cpuFeatures.get(0);

if (isCPUModelNeoverseN1(cpuModel)) {
checkFinalFlagsEqualTo(ProcessTools.createJavaProcessBuilder("-XX:+PrintFlagsFinal", "-version"), "isb", "1");
checkFinalFlagsEqualTo(ProcessTools.createJavaProcessBuilder("-XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions", "-XX:+PrintFlagsFinal", "-version"),
"isb", "1");
checkFinalFlagsEqualTo(ProcessTools.createJavaProcessBuilder("-XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions", "-XX:OnSpinWaitInstCount=2", "-XX:+PrintFlagsFinal", "-version"),
"isb", "2");
} else {

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