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8287741: Fix of JDK-8287107 (unused cgv1 freezer controller) was inco…

Backport-of: 8d28734ede0ed3922c92451a172d1fa676e484e9
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jerboaa committed Jun 9, 2022
1 parent 0d0e4fb commit 7023eef
Showing 1 changed file with 6 additions and 0 deletions.
6 changes: 6 additions & 0 deletions src/hotspot/os/linux/cgroupSubsystem_linux.cpp
Expand Up @@ -260,7 +260,13 @@ bool CgroupSubsystemFactory::determine_type(CgroupInfo* cg_infos,
if (is_cgroupsV2) {
// On some systems we have mixed cgroups v1 and cgroups v2 controllers (e.g. freezer on cg1 and
// all relevant controllers on cg2). Only set the cgroup path when we see a hierarchy id of 0.
if (hierarchy_id != 0) {
for (int i = 0; i < CG_INFO_LENGTH; i++) {
assert(cg_infos[i]._cgroup_path == NULL, "cgroup path must only be set once");
cg_infos[i]._cgroup_path = os::strdup(cgroup_path);
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