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8294578: [PPC64] C2: Missing is_oop information when using disjoint c…
…ompressed oops mode

Backport-of: f03934e270aa86de3c6832f9754caba05726726b
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TheRealMDoerr committed Oct 20, 2022
1 parent fe4819b commit feb6b3c
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 0 deletions.
3 changes: 3 additions & 0 deletions src/hotspot/cpu/ppc/
Expand Up @@ -6834,6 +6834,9 @@ instruct decodeN_Disjoint_notNull_Ex(iRegPdst dst, iRegNsrc src) %{
n2->_opnds[2] = op_dst;
n2->_bottom_type = _bottom_type;

assert(ra_->is_oop(this) == true, "A decodeN node must produce an oop!");
ra_->set_oop(n2, true);

ra_->set_pair(n1->_idx, ra_->get_reg_second(this), ra_->get_reg_first(this));
ra_->set_pair(n2->_idx, ra_->get_reg_second(this), ra_->get_reg_first(this));

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