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8275131: Exceptions after a touchpad gesture on macOS
Backport-of: 89999f70e06b41704c7c5b0f9a19582f90806a10
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prrace committed Oct 17, 2021
1 parent 01f4883 commit ddb89c3573c711b45597691eda1fed7d1a3cec34
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ - (void)postGesture:(NSEvent *)event as:(jint)type a:(jdouble)a b:(jdouble)b {

// send up to the GestureHandler to recursively dispatch on the AWT event thread
DECLARE_CLASS(jc_GestureHandler, "com/apple/eawt/event/GestureHandler");
DECLARE_METHOD(sjm_handleGestureFromNative, jc_GestureHandler,
DECLARE_STATIC_METHOD(sjm_handleGestureFromNative, jc_GestureHandler,
"handleGestureFromNative", "(Ljava/awt/Window;IDDDD)V");
(*env)->CallStaticVoidMethod(env, jc_GestureHandler, sjm_handleGestureFromNative,
awtWindow, type, (jdouble)loc.x, (jdouble)loc.y, (jdouble)a, (jdouble)b);

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