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8276801: gc/stress/ fails intermittently with Shenandoah #272

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@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ void ShenandoahCodeRoots::initialize() {

void ShenandoahCodeRoots::register_nmethod(nmethod* nm) {
assert(CodeCache_lock->owned_by_self(), "Must have CodeCache_lock held");

@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ void ShenandoahCodeRoots::unregister_nmethod(nmethod* nm) {

void ShenandoahCodeRoots::flush_nmethod(nmethod* nm) {
assert(CodeCache_lock->owned_by_self(), "Must have CodeCache_lock held");

@@ -271,13 +271,17 @@ void ShenandoahNMethodTable::register_nmethod(nmethod* nm) {
assert(_index >= 0 && _index <= _list->size(), "Sanity");

ShenandoahNMethod* data = ShenandoahNMethod::gc_data(nm);
ShenandoahReentrantLocker data_locker(data != NULL ? data->lock() : NULL);

if (data != NULL) {
assert(contain(nm), "Must have been registered");
assert(nm == data->nm(), "Must be same nmethod");
// Prevent updating a nmethod while concurrent iteration is in progress.
ShenandoahReentrantLocker data_locker(data->lock());
} else {
// For a new nmethod, we can safely append it to the list, because
// concurrent iteration will not touch it.
data = ShenandoahNMethod::for_nmethod(nm);
assert(data != NULL, "Sanity");
ShenandoahNMethod::attach_gc_data(nm, data);
@@ -382,11 +386,13 @@ void ShenandoahNMethodTable::rebuild(int size) {

ShenandoahNMethodTableSnapshot* ShenandoahNMethodTable::snapshot_for_iteration() {
assert(CodeCache_lock->owned_by_self(), "Must have CodeCache_lock held");
return new ShenandoahNMethodTableSnapshot(this);

void ShenandoahNMethodTable::finish_iteration(ShenandoahNMethodTableSnapshot* snapshot) {
assert(CodeCache_lock->owned_by_self(), "Must have CodeCache_lock held");
assert(iteration_in_progress(), "Why we here?");
assert(snapshot != NULL, "No snapshot");