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8279195: Document the -XX:+NeverActAsServerClassMachine flag
Reviewed-by: dholmes
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Vladimir Kozlov committed Dec 24, 2021
1 parent 6588bed commit 2945b786ba6b60cc33153bb1d40ac7a0918dadbe
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@@ -1541,6 +1541,31 @@ and its committed regions.
.B \f[CB]\-XX:+NeverActAsServerClassMachine\f[R]
Enable the "Client VM emulation" mode which only uses the C1 JIT
compiler, a 32Mb CodeCache and the Serial GC.
The maximum amount of memory that the JVM may use (controlled by the
\f[CB]\-XX:MaxRAM=n\f[R] flag) is set to 1GB by default.
The string "emulated\-client" is added to the JVM version string.
By default the flag is set to \f[CB]true\f[R] only on Windows in 32\-bit
mode and \f[CB]false\f[R] in all other cases.
The "Client VM emulation" mode will not be enabled if any of the
following flags are used on the command line:
.B \f[CB]\-XX:ObjectAlignmentInBytes=\f[R]\f[I]alignment\f[R]
Sets the memory alignment of Java objects (in bytes).
By default, the value is set to 8 bytes.

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