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8278389: SuspendibleThreadSet::_suspend_all should be volatile/atomic #9


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@tschatzl tschatzl commented Dec 10, 2021

Hi all,

can I have reviews for this change that makes SuspendibleThreadSet::_suspend_all volatile and all accesses to it use Atomic helpers?

I found that the only getter for that member is called SuspendibleThreadSet::should_yield(), which contradicts our naming rules; to keep the change minimal (and the naming discussion out of this PR because I do not feel that _suspend_all is particularly good) I introduced a private suspend_all() method.
I can of course add some renaming in this change (but then for jdk19+ only).

Testing: gha, local compilation



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  • Commit message must refer to an issue
  • Change must be properly reviewed


  • JDK-8278389: SuspendibleThreadSet::_suspend_all should be volatile/atomic


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openjdk bot commented Dec 10, 2021

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mlbridge bot commented Dec 10, 2021


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Closing to have proper GHA testing

@tschatzl tschatzl closed this Dec 10, 2021
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