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8286198: [linux] Fix process-memory information #126

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@@ -2118,22 +2118,25 @@ void os::Linux::print_process_memory_info(outputStream* st) {
// (note: there is no implementation of mallinfo for muslc)
#ifdef __GLIBC__
size_t total_allocated = 0;
size_t free_retained = 0;
bool might_have_wrapped = false;
if (_mallinfo2 != NULL) {
struct glibc_mallinfo2 mi = _mallinfo2();
total_allocated = mi.uordblks;
total_allocated = mi.uordblks + mi.hblkhd;
free_retained = mi.fordblks;
} else if (_mallinfo != NULL) {
// mallinfo is an old API. Member names mean next to nothing and, beyond that, are int.
// So values may have wrapped around. Still useful enough to see how much glibc thinks
// we allocated.
struct glibc_mallinfo mi = _mallinfo();
total_allocated = (size_t)(unsigned)mi.uordblks;
total_allocated = (size_t)(unsigned)mi.uordblks + (size_t)(unsigned)mi.hblkhd;
free_retained = (size_t)(unsigned)mi.fordblks;
// Since mallinfo members are int, glibc values may have wrapped. Warn about this.
might_have_wrapped = (info.vmrss * K) > UINT_MAX && (info.vmrss * K) > (total_allocated + UINT_MAX);
if (_mallinfo2 != NULL || _mallinfo != NULL) {
st->print_cr("C-Heap outstanding allocations: " SIZE_FORMAT "K%s",
total_allocated / K,
st->print_cr("C-Heap outstanding allocations: " SIZE_FORMAT "K, retained: " SIZE_FORMAT "K%s",
total_allocated / K, free_retained / K,
might_have_wrapped ? " (may have wrapped)" : "");
#endif // __GLIBC__