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Release Notes for JavaFX 13


The following notes describe important changes and information about this release. In some cases, the descriptions provide links to additional detailed information about an issue or a change.

As of JDK 11 the JavaFX modules are delivered separately from the JDK. These release notes cover the standalone JavaFX 13 release. JavaFX 13 requires JDK 11 or later.

List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8221702 Use HTTPS to download all build dependencies build
JDK-8220012 Accordion control holds reference to child pane after it is removed controls
JDK-8209938 Default and Cancel button cause memory leak controls
JDK-8222222 Gradients defined in CSS always use "reflect" even when "repeat" is specified controls
JDK-8089986 Menu beeps when mnemonics is used controls
JDK-8222073 Revert unintentional change to controls
JDK-8222457 TabPane doesn't respect order of TabPane.getTabs() list controls
JDK-8222214 TableView rows disappears when inside a pane and KEY_UP is pressed controls
JDK-8197536 TableView, ListView: unexpected scrolling behaviour on up/down keys controls
JDK-8201539 Crash in DirectWrite CreateBitmap code when running TestFX test suite graphics
JDK-8222211 Creating animated gif image from non FX App thread causes exception graphics
JDK-8210973 Focus goes to wrong Window when dismissing an Alert graphics
JDK-8217492 JavaFX - memory leak after the event WindowEvent.DESTROY graphics
JDK-8221987 NPE in$TKBoundsConfigurator.apply graphics
JDK-8226789 Path rendered incorrectly when it goes outside the clipping region graphics
JDK-8219008 Update OpenGL Headers to version 4.6 graphics
JDK-8229890 WritableImage update fails for empty region graphics
JDK-8208076 display INVISIBLE_GLYPH_ID as square box on Windows graphics
JDK-8208173 isComplexCharCode() returns false for U+11FF graphics
JDK-8222217 FX build fails on 32-bit Windows after fix for JDK-8133841 media
JDK-8133841 Full HD video can not be played on standard 1080p screen in portrait mode media
JDK-8209180 Media fails to load source from custom image, with jrt: URL media
JDK-8215894 Provide media support for libav version 58 media
JDK-8222780 Visual Studio does not open media vs_projects files media
JDK-8213510 [Windows] MediaPlayer does not play some mp3 with artwork stream in mjpeg media
JDK-8211900 classes directly reference platform classes that are excluded media
JDK-8218174 Add missing license file for Mesa header files other
JDK-8222746 Cleanup third-party legal files other
JDK-8221377 Fix mistakes in FX API docs other
JDK-8223377 JavaFX can crash due to loading the wrong native libraries if system libraries are installed other
JDK-8222212 Memory Leak with SwingNode using Drag and Drop function swing
JDK-8224636 "CSS ""pointer-events"" property ""stroke"" is not respected for SVG renderings" web
JDK-8219539 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.22.6 changes web
JDK-8220147 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.22.7 changes web
JDK-8227079 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.24.3 changes web
JDK-8215775 Scrollbars from web pages appear to be absolute, overlapping everything web
JDK-8225203 Update SQLite to version 3.28.0 web
JDK-8219362 Update to 608.1 version of WebKit web
JDK-8217942 Upgrade to libxslt 1.1.33 web
JDK-8222912 Websocket client doesn't work in WebView web
JDK-8221941 Wrong package declaration for in web module web
JDK-8219734 [WebView] Get rid of macOS SDK private API usage web
JDK-8219917 [WebView] Sub-resource integrity check fails on Windows and Linux web
JDK-8227431 [Windows] Fix assertion failure on X86 32-bit when enabling CLOOP based JavaScript interpreter web
JDK-8230361 [web] Cookies are not enabled in WebKit v608.1 web
JDK-8229328 [windows] PlatformFileHandle type should be JGObject rather than void
JDK-8222788 javafx.web build fails on XCode 10.2 web
JDK-8226951 Backout commit for JDK-8226537 to fix the attribution window-toolkit
JDK-8211302 DragAndDrop no longer works with GTK3 window-toolkit
JDK-8226537 Multi-level Stage::initOwner can crash gnome-shell or server window-toolkit
JDK-8226274 NPE in WinWindow.notifyMoving when Stage with no Scene is shown on 2nd monitor window-toolkit
JDK-8088717 Win: UNDECORATED windows are not minimized with the taskbar button window-toolkit
JDK-8220272 Window order is not correct when Modality.WINDOW_MODAL window-toolkit
JDK-8212060 [GTK3] Stage sometimes shown at top-left before moving to correct position window-toolkit

List of Enhancements

Issue key Summary Subcomponent
JDK-8226454 Point2D and Point3D should implement Interpolatable animation
JDK-8221269 Extract embedded actions from JSL grammar file to Visitor class build
JDK-8223760 support static build for macosx build
JDK-8222258 Add exclusion scope for LightBase graphics
JDK-8167148 Add native rendering support by supporting WritableImages backed by NIO ByteBuffers graphics
JDK-8217605 Add support for e-paper displays graphics
JDK-8226912 Color, Point2D and Point3D's fields should be made final graphics
JDK-8217470 Upgrade Direct3D9 shader model from 2.0 to 3.0 for 3D operations graphics
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