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8280841: Update SQLite to 3.37.2
Backport-of: 6b7b463
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Johan Vos committed Jul 17, 2022
1 parent f0099c2 commit 2210a97
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Updating SQLite in OpenJFX:

1. Find the current version of the SQLite used in JavaFX from VERSION.txt

2. Check if there are any JavaFX specific changes in SQLite source:
- Compare the SQLite source files from JavaFX workspace with the source files
corresponding to same version on
- Currently there are no JavaFX specific changes made in SQLite source.
In case you find any changes make sure to retain them with update.

3. Get the source code of required release version of SQLite.
- Download the amalgamation code for the release from
- For example, the SQLite 3.37.2 amalgamation is named as "".
- FYI about amalgamation:
- The amalgamation contains everything a library may need to include SQLite.
- Over 100 separate source files are concatenated into a single large C file
named "sqlite3.c" and referred as "the amalgamation".

4. Update the SQLite source files in JavaFX from the downloaded amalgamation source.
- Retain JavaFX changes, if any.

5. Update the new version in VERSION.txt.

6. Perform build and sanity testing.

7. Expand tabs and remove trailing white spaces from source files.
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