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8273343: Create release notes for JavaFX 17
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# Release Notes for JavaFX 17

## Introduction

The following notes describe important changes and information about this release. In some cases, the descriptions provide links to additional detailed information about an issue or a change.

As of JDK 11 the JavaFX modules are delivered separately from the JDK. These release notes cover the standalone JavaFX 17 release. JavaFX 17 requires JDK 11 or later.

## Important Changes

### The file moved to the top directory of the JavaFX sdk

The `` file, which is delivered as part of the JavaFX SDK in support of IDEs, has moved from the `lib` directory to the top directory of the JavaFX SDK.
Application developers may need to adjust their IDE settings so that the IDE can locate the file in its new location.

## List of Enhancement

Issue key|Summary|Subcomponent
[JDK-8258777](|SkinBase: add api to un-/register invalidation-/listChange listeners|controls
[JDK-8267554](|Support loading stylesheets from data-URIs|controls
[JDK-8223717](|javafx printing: Support Specifying Print to File in the API|graphics
[JDK-8234920](|Add SpotLight to the selection of 3D light types|graphics
[JDK-8259718](|Remove the Marlin rasterizer (single-precision)|graphics
[JDK-8267551](|Support loading images from inline data-URIs|graphics
[JDK-8268120](|Allow hardware cursor to be used on Monocle-EGL platforms|graphics
[JDK-8258499](|JavaFX: Move out of the lib directory|other
[JDK-8252935](|Add treeShowing listener only when needed|scenegraph
[JDK-8259680](|Need API to query states of CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK keys|scenegraph
[JDK-8092439](|[Monocle] Refactor monocle SPI to allow support for multiple screens|graphics

## List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key|Summary|Subcomponent
[JDK-8185447](|The special high-contrast mode of JavaFX Controls in Japanese environment do not work.|accessibility
[JDK-8263322](|Calling Application.launch on FX thread should throw IllegalStateException, but causes deadlock|application-lifecycle
[JDK-8260468](|Wrong behavior of LocalDateTimeStringConverter|base
[JDK-8260475](|Deprecate for removal protected access members in DateTimeStringConverter|base
[JDK-8264770](|BidirectionalBinding should use InvalidationListener to prevent boxing|base
[JDK-8267505](|{List,Set,Map}PropertyBase::bind should check against identity|base
[JDK-8089589](|[ListView] ScrollBar content moves toward-backward during scrolling.|controls
[JDK-8089913](|CSS pseudo classes missing by default for some controls|controls
[JDK-8137323](|Incorrect parsing of mnemonic in controls text|controls
[JDK-8165214](|ListView.EditEvent.getIndex() does not return the correct index|controls
[JDK-8186904](|TableColumnHeader: resize cursor lost on right click|controls
[JDK-8187229](|Tree/TableCell: cancel event must return correct editing location|controls
[JDK-8189354](|Change.getRemoved() list contains incorrect selected items when a TreeItem is collapsed|controls
[JDK-8196065](|ListChangeListener getRemoved() returns items that were not removed.|controls
[JDK-8204568](|Relative CSS-Attributes don't work all time|controls
[JDK-8208088](|Memory Leak in ControlAcceleratorSupport|controls
[JDK-8228363](| with side=TOP does not work the first time in the presence of CSS|controls
[JDK-8239138](|StyleManager should use a BufferedInputStream|controls
[JDK-8244075](|Accelerator of ContextMenu's MenuItem is not removed when ContextMenu is removed from Scene|controls
[JDK-8252238](|TableView: Editable (pseudo-editable) cells should respect the row editability|controls
[JDK-8256283](|IndexOutOfBoundsException when sorting a TreeTableView|controls
[JDK-8258663](|Fixed size TableCells are not removed from sene graph when column is removed|controls
[JDK-8261460](|Incorrect CSS applied to ContextMenu on DialogPane|controls
[JDK-8261840](|Submenus close to screen borders are no longer repositioned|controls
[JDK-8263807](|Button types of a DialogPane are set twice, returns a wrong button|controls
[JDK-8264157](|Items of non-editable ComboBox cannot be selected using up/down keys|controls
[JDK-8264127](|ListCell editing status is true, when index changes while editing|controls
[JDK-8264677](|MemoryLeak: Progressindicator leaks, when treeShowing is false|controls
[JDK-8265206](|Tree-/TableCell: editing state not updated on cell re-use|controls
[JDK-8265210](|TreeCell: cell editing state not updated on cell re-use|controls
[JDK-8265669](|AccumCell should not be visible|controls
[JDK-8266539](|[TreeView]: Change.getRemoved() contains null item when deselecting a TreeItem|controls
[JDK-8266966](|Wrong CSS properties are applied to other nodes after fix for JDK-8204568|controls
[JDK-8267094](|TreeCell: cancelEvent must return correct editing location|controls
[JDK-8267392](|ENTER key press on editable TableView throws NPE|controls
[JDK-8269026](|PasswordField doesn't render bullet character on Android|controls
[JDK-8269136](|Tree/TablePosition: must not throw NPE on instantiating with null table|controls
[JDK-8270314](|TreeTableCell: inconsistent naming for tableRow and tableColumn property methods|controls
[JDK-8165749](|java.lang.RuntimeException: dndGesture.dragboard is null in dragDrop|graphics
[JDK-8210199](|[linux / macOS] fileChooser can't handle emojis|graphics
[JDK-8211362](|Restrict export of libjpeg symbols from|graphics
[JDK-8217955](|Problems with touch input and JavaFX 11|graphics
[JDK-8239589](|JavaFX UI will not repaint after reconnecting via Remote Desktop|graphics
[JDK-8252099](|JavaFX does not render Myanmar script correctly|graphics
[JDK-8258986](|getColor throws IOOBE when PixelReader reads the same pixel twice|graphics
[JDK-8259046](|ViewPainter.ROOT_PATHS holds reference to Scene causing memory leak|graphics
[JDK-8262396](|Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 21.0.3|graphics
[JDK-8262802](|Wrong context origin coordinates when using EGL and HiDPI|graphics
[JDK-8263402](|MemoryLeak: Node hardreferences it's previous Parent after csslayout and getting removed from the scene|graphics
[JDK-8267160](|Monocle mouse never get ENTERED state|graphics
[JDK-8267314](|Loading some animated GIFs fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 4096 out of bounds for length 4096|graphics
[JDK-8259356](|MediaPlayer's seek freezes video|media
[JDK-8262365](|Update GStreamer to version 1.18.3|media
[JDK-8262366](|Update glib to version 2.66.7|media
[JDK-8264737](|JavaFX media stream stops playing after reconnecting via Remote Desktop|media
[JDK-8266860](|[macos] Incorrect duration reported for HLS live streams|media
[JDK-8267819](|CoInitialize/CoUninitialize should be called on same thread|media
[JDK-8268152](|gstmpegaudioparse does not provides timestamps for HLS MP3 streams|media
[JDK-8268219](|hlsprogressbuffer should provide PTS after GStreamer update|media
[JDK-8269147](|Update GStreamer to version 1.18.4|media
[JDK-8252783](|Remove the css Selector and ShapeConverter constructors|scenegraph
[JDK-8264162](|PickResult.toString() is missing the closing square bracket|scenegraph
[JDK-8264330](|Scene MouseHandler is referencing removed nodes|scenegraph
[JDK-8270246](|Deprecate for removal implementation methods in Scene|scenegraph
[JDK-8254836](|Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.30.3 changes|web
[JDK-8259555](|Webkit crashes on Apple Silicon|web
[JDK-8259635](|Update to 610.2 version of WebKit|web
[JDK-8260163](|IrresponsiveScriptTest.testInfiniteLoopInScript unit test fails on Windows|web
[JDK-8260165](|CSSFilterTest.testCSSFilterRendering system test fails|web
[JDK-8260245](|Update ICU4C to version 68.2|web
[JDK-8260257](|[Linux] WebView no longer reacts to some mouse events|web
[JDK-8263788](|JavaFX application freezes completely after some time when using the WebView|web
[JDK-8264501](|UIWebView for iOS is deprecated|web
[JDK-8264990](|WebEngine crashes with segfault when not loaded through system classloader|web
[JDK-8269131](|Update libxml2 to version 2.9.12|web
[JDK-8206253](|No/Wrong scroll events from touch input in window mode|window-toolkit
[JDK-8231558](|[macos] Platform.exit causes assertion error on macOS 10.15 or later|window-toolkit
[JDK-8240640](|[macos] Wrong focus behaviour with multiple Alerts|window-toolkit
[JDK-8248126](|JavaFX ignores HiDPI scaling settings on some linux platforms|window-toolkit
[JDK-8249737](|java.lang.RuntimeException: Too many touch points reported|window-toolkit
[JDK-8258381](|[macos] Exception when input emoji using Chinese input method|window-toolkit
[JDK-8263169](|[macOS] JavaFX windows open as tabs when system preference for documents is set|window-toolkit
[JDK-8266743](|Crash on macOS 10.11 due to ignored @available 10.12 check|window-toolkit

## List of Security fixes

Issue key|Summary|Subcomponent
JDK-8263112 (not public) | Enhance String Conclusions | graphics

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