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8318059: Typo is javafx.scene.Node.usesMirroring comment
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Reviewed-by: aghaisas
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prsadhuk committed Oct 13, 2023
1 parent e621d4b commit 4604e87
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Expand Up @@ -6496,7 +6496,7 @@ public final NodeOrientation getEffectiveNodeOrientation() {
* top right corner causing the node to layout children and draw from
* right to left using a mirroring transformation. Some nodes may wish
* to draw from right to left without using a transformation. These
* nodes will will answer {@code false} and implement right-to-left
* nodes will answer {@code false} and implement right-to-left
* orientation without using the automatic transformation.
* </p>
* @return true if this {@code Node} should be mirrored
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