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8314141: Missing default for switch in CreateBitmap
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Reviewed-by: jdv, jhendrikx, kcr
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arapte committed Aug 11, 2023
1 parent 5d74176 commit 8998b2d
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
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Expand Up @@ -2359,6 +2359,7 @@ JNIEXPORT jlong JNICALL OS_NATIVE(CreateBitmap)
case com_sun_javafx_font_directwrite_OS_GUID_WICPixelFormat32bppGrayFloat: pixelFormat = GUID_WICPixelFormat32bppGrayFloat; break;
case com_sun_javafx_font_directwrite_OS_GUID_WICPixelFormat32bppRGBA: pixelFormat = GUID_WICPixelFormat32bppRGBA; break;
case com_sun_javafx_font_directwrite_OS_GUID_WICPixelFormat32bppPRGBA: pixelFormat = GUID_WICPixelFormat32bppPRGBA; break;
default: return NULL;
HRESULT hr = ((IWICImagingFactory *)arg0)->CreateBitmap(arg1, arg2, (REFWICPixelFormatGUID)pixelFormat, (WICBitmapCreateCacheOption)arg4, &result);
return SUCCEEDED(hr) ? (jlong)result : NULL;
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