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8237003: Remove hardcoded WebAnimationsCSSIntegrationEnabled flag in …


Reviewed-by: kcr
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Guru Hb
Guru Hb committed Jan 29, 2020
1 parent d303a21 commit b96bc52bd9a1dfbdf2473101f8b3bf82e18bff95
@@ -196,7 +196,6 @@ private static void initPlatform() throws Exception {
private void resetToConsistentStateBeforeTesting(final TestOptions options) {
// Assign default values for all supported TestOptions
webPage.overridePreference("experimental:CSSCustomPropertiesAndValuesEnabled", "false");
webPage.overridePreference("experimental:WebAnimationsCSSIntegrationEnabled", "true");
webPage.overridePreference("enableColorFilter", "false");
webPage.overridePreference("enableIntersectionObserver", "false");
// Enable features based on TestOption

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