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8285475: Create release notes for 18.0.1
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# Release Notes for JavaFX 18.0.1

## Introduction

The following notes describe important changes and information about this release. In some cases, the descriptions provide links to additional detailed information about an issue or a change.

These notes document the JavaFX 18.0.1 update release. As such, they complement
the [JavaFX 18 Release Notes](

## List of Fixed Bugs

Issue key|Summary|Subcomponent
[JDK-8278980](|Update WebKit to 613.1|web
[JDK-8281459](|WebKit 613.1 build broken on M1|web
[JDK-8281711](|Cherry-pick WebKit 613.1 stabilization fixes|web
[JDK-8282099](|Cherry-pick WebKit 613.1 stabilization fixes (2)|web

## List of Security fixes

Issue key|Summary|Subcomponent
JDK-8276371 (not public) | Better long buffering | web
JDK-8277465 (not public) | Additional fix for JDK-8276371 | web

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