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8259356: MediaPlayer's seek freezes video
Backport-of: a68355803c5d05eea046ad07aca2e9e7d8b99dfc
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kevinrushforth committed May 10, 2021
1 parent 5ab6c40 commit 5b2b9f921a14db18c0ef71d1c27deab87118f0a8
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
@@ -670,6 +670,7 @@ gst_app_sink_flush_unlocked (GstAppSink * appsink)
GstEvent *event = GST_EVENT_CAST (obj);
gst_event_parse_caps (event, &caps);
gst_caps_replace (&priv->last_caps, caps);
gst_sample_set_caps(priv->sample, priv->last_caps);
gst_mini_object_unref (obj);

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@openjdk-notifier openjdk-notifier bot commented on 5b2b9f9 May 10, 2021

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