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8259429: Update reference to
Reviewed-by: iris
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erikj79 committed Jan 8, 2021
1 parent fb68395 commit 020ec8485251698d1187204ac13321f4726e45ea
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  1. +2 −2 make/conf/jib-profiles.js
@@ -1001,9 +1001,9 @@ var getJibProfilesProfiles = function (input, common, data) {
// test tasks. Care must however be taken not to polute that work dir by
// setting the appropriate make variables to control output directories.
// Use the existance of the top level README as indication of if this is
// Use the existance of the top level as indication of if this is
// the full source or just src.conf.
if (!new, "../../README").exists()) {
if (!new, "../../").exists()) {
var runTestPrebuiltSrcFullExtra = {
dependencies: "src.full",
work_dir: input.get("src.full", "install_path"),

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