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8244603: G1 incorrectly limiting young gen size when using the reserv…
…e can result in repeated full gcs

8238858: G1 Mixed gc young gen sizing might cause the first mixed gc to immediately follow the prepare mixed gc

Reviewed-by: sjohanss, iwalulya
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Thomas Schatzl committed Jun 25, 2020
1 parent 8c20401 commit 0f2ac2021b3a1170d39c7b32773fb207aa6b7cd3
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@@ -224,7 +224,11 @@ void G1Analytics::report_rs_length(double rs_length) {

double G1Analytics::predict_alloc_rate_ms() const {
return predict_zero_bounded(_alloc_rate_ms_seq);
if (enough_samples_available(_alloc_rate_ms_seq)) {
return predict_zero_bounded(_alloc_rate_ms_seq);
} else {
return 0.0;

double G1Analytics::predict_concurrent_refine_rate_ms() const {

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