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8240947: Change conflicting JVM features from warning to error
Reviewed-by: erikj
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magicus committed Mar 12, 2020
1 parent 58337b1 commit 3aceb74ac96d2b0415c5a0e858ee3a085104cfeb
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  1. +5 −3 make/autoconf/jvm-features.m4
# Warn if the user has both enabled and disabled a feature
# If this happens, disable will override enable.
# Check if the user has both enabled and disabled a feature
if test "x$enabled_and_disabled" != x; then
AC_MSG_WARN([Disabling of these features will override enabling: '$enabled_and_disabled'])
AC_MSG_NOTICE([These feature are both enabled and disabled: '$enabled_and_disabled'])
AC_MSG_NOTICE([This can happen if you mix --with-jvm-features and --enable-jvm-feature-*])
AC_MSG_NOTICE([The recommendation is to only use --enable-jvm-feature-*])
AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot continue])
# Clean up lists and announce results to user

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