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8165404: AArch64: Implement SHA512 accelerator/intrinsic
Reviewed-by: aph
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dgbo authored and Fei Yang committed Aug 7, 2020
1 parent 8703ff4 commit 853ad083f3282302c82d50109adbdeb4aa5056a8
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@@ -865,6 +865,37 @@ def astr(self):
def aname(self):
return self._name

class SHA512SIMDOp(Instruction):

def generate(self):
if (self._name == 'sha512su0'):
self.reg = [FloatRegister().generate(), FloatRegister().generate()]
self.reg = [FloatRegister().generate(), FloatRegister().generate(),
return self

def cstr(self):
if (self._name == 'sha512su0'):
return (super(SHA512SIMDOp, self).cstr()
+ ('%s, __ T2D, %s);' % (self.reg[0], self.reg[1])))
return (super(SHA512SIMDOp, self).cstr()
+ ('%s, __ T2D, %s, %s);' % (self.reg[0], self.reg[1], self.reg[2])))

def astr(self):
if (self._name == 'sha512su0'):
return (super(SHA512SIMDOp, self).astr()
+ ('\t%s.2D, %s.2D' % (self.reg[0].astr("v"), self.reg[1].astr("v"))))
elif (self._name == 'sha512su1'):
return (super(SHA512SIMDOp, self).astr()
+ ('\t%s.2D, %s.2D, %s.2D' % (self.reg[0].astr("v"),
self.reg[1].astr("v"), self.reg[2].astr("v"))))
return (super(SHA512SIMDOp, self).astr()
+ ('\t%s, %s, %s.2D' % (self.reg[0].astr("q"),
self.reg[1].astr("q"), self.reg[2].astr("v"))))

class LSEOp(Instruction):
def __init__(self, args):
self._name, self.asmname, self.size, self.suffix = args
@@ -1100,6 +1131,8 @@ def generate(kind, names):
["ld4r", 4, "2S", Address.post_reg],

generate(SHA512SIMDOp, ["sha512h", "sha512h2", "sha512su0", "sha512su1"])

generate(SpecialCases, [["ccmn", "__ ccmn(zr, zr, 3u, Assembler::LE);", "ccmn\txzr, xzr, #3, LE"],
["ccmnw", "__ ccmnw(zr, zr, 5u, Assembler::EQ);", "ccmn\twzr, wzr, #5, EQ"],
["ccmp", "__ ccmp(zr, 1, 4u, Assembler::NE);", "ccmp\txzr, 1, #4, NE"],
@@ -1147,8 +1180,8 @@ def generate(kind, names):
import subprocess
import sys

# compile for 8.1 because of lse atomics
subprocess.check_call([AARCH64_AS, "-march=armv8.1-a", "aarch64ops.s", "-o", "aarch64ops.o"])
# compile for 8.1 and sha2 because of lse atomics and sha512 crypto extension.
subprocess.check_call([AARCH64_AS, "-march=armv8.1-a+sha2", "aarch64ops.s", "-o", "aarch64ops.o"])

print "/*",

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