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8250628: ZGC: fixup_partial_loads was removed, but still are refere…

Reviewed-by: eosterlund, kbarrett, lkorinth
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albertnetymk committed Aug 3, 2020
1 parent 0a4ddac commit a9647c5185f5c220d557239dfbd37fea616fb4c8
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@@ -99,18 +99,10 @@ void ZArguments::initialize() {
FLAG_SET_DEFAULT(VerifyDuringStartup, false);
FLAG_SET_DEFAULT(VerifyBeforeExit, false);

// Verification before heap iteration not (yet) supported, for the
// same reason we need fixup_partial_loads
FLAG_SET_DEFAULT(VerifyBeforeIteration, false);

if (VerifyBeforeGC || VerifyDuringGC || VerifyAfterGC) {
FLAG_SET_DEFAULT(ZVerifyRoots, true);
FLAG_SET_DEFAULT(ZVerifyObjects, true);

// Verification of stacks not (yet) supported, for the same reason
// we need fixup_partial_loads

size_t ZArguments::conservative_max_heap_alignment() {
@@ -64,7 +64,6 @@ class ZHeap {
void flip_to_remapped();

void out_of_memory();
void fixup_partial_loads();

static ZHeap* heap();

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