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8250748: Doc of URL(String, String, int, String, URLStreamHandler) do…
…es not use link

Reviewed-by: dfuchs
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evwhelan authored and dfuch committed Aug 19, 2020
1 parent 94fadf1 commit ac7f8f89c2cfc3ae817a4efa042fe4c7900c7043
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
@@ -397,8 +397,8 @@ public URL(String protocol, String host, String file)
* a {@code handler} of {@code null} indicates that the URL
* should use a default stream handler for the protocol, as outlined
* for:
*, java.lang.String, int,
* java.lang.String)
* {@link, java.lang.String, int,
* java.lang.String)}
* <p>If the handler is not null and there is a security manager,
* the security manager's {@code checkPermission}

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