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8259020: null-check of g1 write_ref_field_pre_entry is not necessary
Reviewed-by: kbarrett, ayang, phh
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Xin Liu authored and Paul Hohensee committed Jan 4, 2021
1 parent e6f9926 commit f0aae81ed553303131c84fec3f37ca6c3e981222
Showing with 2 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +2 −5 src/hotspot/share/gc/g1/g1BarrierSetRuntime.cpp
@@ -45,11 +45,8 @@ void G1BarrierSetRuntime::write_ref_array_post_entry(HeapWord* dst, size_t lengt

// G1 pre write barrier slowpath
JRT_LEAF(void, G1BarrierSetRuntime::write_ref_field_pre_entry(oopDesc* orig, JavaThread *thread))
if (orig == NULL) {
assert(false, "should be optimized out");
JRT_LEAF(void, G1BarrierSetRuntime::write_ref_field_pre_entry(oopDesc* orig, JavaThread* thread))
assert(orig != nullptr, "should be optimized out");
assert(oopDesc::is_oop(orig, true /* ignore mark word */), "Error");
// store the original value that was in the field reference
SATBMarkQueue& queue = G1ThreadLocalData::satb_mark_queue(thread);

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