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8256938: Improve remembered set sampling task scheduling
Reviewed-by: tschatzl, ayang
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kstefanj committed Nov 26, 2020
1 parent b823ad9 commit f6d6a07c30d8dd1965ff3007707879719b82c6c0
Showing with 29 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +29 −4 src/hotspot/share/gc/g1/g1RemSet.cpp
@@ -548,13 +548,12 @@ class G1RemSetSamplingTask : public G1ServiceTask {
// reevaluates the prediction for the remembered set scanning costs, and potentially
// G1Policy resizes the young gen. This may do a premature GC or even
// increase the young gen size to keep pause time length goal.
void sample_young_list_rs_length(){
SuspendibleThreadSetJoiner sts;
void sample_young_list_rs_length(SuspendibleThreadSetJoiner* sts){
G1CollectedHeap* g1h = G1CollectedHeap::heap();
G1Policy* policy = g1h->policy();

if (policy->use_adaptive_young_list_length()) {
G1YoungRemSetSamplingClosure cl(&sts);
G1YoungRemSetSamplingClosure cl(sts);

G1CollectionSet* g1cs = g1h->collection_set();
@@ -565,10 +564,36 @@ class G1RemSetSamplingTask : public G1ServiceTask {

// To avoid extensive rescheduling if the task is executed a bit early. The task is
// only rescheduled if the expected time is more than 1ms away.
bool should_reschedule() {
return reschedule_delay_ms() > 1;

// There is no reason to do the sampling if a GC occurred recently. We use the
// G1ConcRefinementServiceIntervalMillis as the metric for recently and calculate
// the diff to the last GC. If the last GC occurred longer ago than the interval
// 0 is returned.
jlong reschedule_delay_ms() {
Tickspan since_last_gc = G1CollectedHeap::heap()->time_since_last_collection();
jlong delay = (jlong) (G1ConcRefinementServiceIntervalMillis - since_last_gc.milliseconds());
return MAX2<jlong>(0L, delay);

G1RemSetSamplingTask(const char* name) : G1ServiceTask(name) { }
virtual void execute() {
SuspendibleThreadSetJoiner sts;

// Reschedule if a GC happened too recently.
if (should_reschedule()) {
// Calculate the delay given the last GC and the interval.

// Do the actual sampling.

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