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8259825: Find a better way to detect Metal framework availability on system #212



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@aghaisas aghaisas commented Mar 9, 2021

Issue :
In Lanai code-base, system profiler command was used to detect Metal framework availability. This implementation although works as expected, is slower.

Fix :
I have replaced the logic that was using system profiler command with @available check for macOS Mojave (10.14)

More Info : - mentions the HW that supports Metal framework. It is practically difficult to detect HW and then decide whether Metal framework is supported or not.
Instead, it is appropriate to check for OS version that guarantees Metal framework availability.
Please refer - - It is mentioned in the first line @ this link that "macOS Mojave requires a graphics card that supports Metal"


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  • JDK-8259825: Find a better way to detect Metal framework availability on system



$ git fetch pull/212/head:pull/212
$ git checkout pull/212

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@bridgekeeper bridgekeeper bot commented Mar 9, 2021

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@openjdk openjdk bot commented Mar 9, 2021

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8259825: Find a better way to detect Metal framework availability on system

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@mlbridge mlbridge bot commented Mar 9, 2021


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@kevinrushforth kevinrushforth commented Mar 9, 2021

This only downside of this is that it will be no longer possible to run the Metal pipeline on macOS 10.13 systems. Since Apple no longer supports macOS 10.13, this is probably fine, but I recommend waiting to integrate this until @prrace approves it.

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@aghaisas aghaisas commented Mar 9, 2021

I have raised this PR now as a response to the review comment at openjdk/jdk#2403 (comment)
I will wait for the consensus regarding the approach before integrating.

prrace approved these changes Mar 9, 2021
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@prrace prrace left a comment

Probably a good thing to make this policy change before integration.
I don't see metal as important for 10.13 systems anyway.

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@aghaisas aghaisas commented Mar 10, 2021


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  • 2218e72: 8262486: Merge trivial JDWP agent changes from the loom repo to the jdk repo
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  • b7f0b3f: 8252173: Use handles instead of jobjects in modules.cpp
  • a6e34b3: 8262829: Native crash in Win32PrintServiceLookup.getAllPrinterNames()
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