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8247464: Memory Leak in MTLBlitLoops_CopyArea() method #57

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@@ -824,7 +824,7 @@ jboolean clipDestCoords(

// Create an intrermediate buffer
int totalBuffsize = width * height * 4;
id <MTLBuffer> buff = [mtlc.device newBufferWithLength:totalBuffsize options:MTLResourceStorageModePrivate];
id <MTLBuffer> buff = [[mtlc.device newBufferWithLength:totalBuffsize options:MTLResourceStorageModePrivate] autorelease];

[blitEncoder copyFromTexture:dstOps->pTexture
sourceSlice:0 sourceLevel:0 sourceOrigin:MTLOriginMake(x, y, 0) sourceSize:MTLSizeMake(width, height, 1)