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8242950: Files which can't be selected has different color with metal… #58

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@prsadhuk prsadhuk commented Jun 15, 2020

… than opengl in JFileChooser

Opengl uses GL_INTENITY as internal format for texture creation in glTexImage2D
As per,
GL internally assembles it into an RGBA element by replicating the intensity value three times for red, green, blue, and alpha.
Same is done in Metal grayscale text rendering.


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  • JDK-8242950: Files which can't be selected has different color with metal than opengl in JFileChooser ⚠️ Title mismatch between PR and JBS.


$ git fetch pull/58/head:pull/58
$ git checkout pull/58

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8242950: Files which can't be selected has different color with metal…
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Since the source branch of this PR was last updated there have been 171 commits pushed to the master branch:

  • 955a58a: 8247464: Memory Leak in MTLBlitLoops_CopyArea() method
  • 12b63f5: 8247304: Use separate MTLCommandQueue for final blit and MTLDrawable …
  • 5645835: Automatic merge of client:master into master
  • a6df9ae: Merge
  • 07e6b75: 8242607: -Xdoclint doesn't report missing/unexpected comments
  • 0652a78: 8246705: javadoc gives "misleading" and incomplete warning message
  • 56abdc1: 8246712: doclint incorrectly reports some HTML elements as empty
  • 80ae89b: 8247284: Zero VM is broken after JDK-8244920 ('class JavaFrameAnchor' has no member named 'set_last_Java_sp')
  • ee45294: 8245686: Ed25519 and Ed448 present in handshake messages
  • b6a9f30: 8241680: crypto microbenchmarks need updating for disabled EC curves
  • ... and 161 more:

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prsadhuk commented Jun 15, 2020


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@prsadhuk The following commits have been pushed to master since your change was applied:

  • 955a58a: 8247464: Memory Leak in MTLBlitLoops_CopyArea() method
  • 12b63f5: 8247304: Use separate MTLCommandQueue for final blit and MTLDrawable …
  • 5645835: Automatic merge of client:master into master
  • a6df9ae: Merge
  • 07e6b75: 8242607: -Xdoclint doesn't report missing/unexpected comments
  • 0652a78: 8246705: javadoc gives "misleading" and incomplete warning message
  • 56abdc1: 8246712: doclint incorrectly reports some HTML elements as empty
  • 80ae89b: 8247284: Zero VM is broken after JDK-8244920 ('class JavaFrameAnchor' has no member named 'set_last_Java_sp')
  • ee45294: 8245686: Ed25519 and Ed448 present in handshake messages
  • b6a9f30: 8241680: crypto microbenchmarks need updating for disabled EC curves
  • 0bf3ba4: 8246718: ParallelGC should not check for forward objects for copy task queue
  • 27e1686: 8246662: Test java/time/test/java/time/format/ failed on japanese locale
  • 140a797: 8237456: Transform filtered through SAX filter mishandles character entities
  • 4116ed6: Automatic merge of client:master into master
  • 41c5a07: Merge
  • 9d0ba7a: 8246220: ZGC: Introduce ZUnmapper to asynchronous unmap pages
  • d7e68f3: 8245208: ZGC: Don't hold the ZPageAllocator lock while committing/uncommitting memory
  • cd16b56: 8246265: ZGC: Introduce ZConditionLock
  • 63a3d8f: 8245204: ZGC: Introduce ZListRemoveIterator
  • 4d8189b: 8245203: ZGC: Don't track size in ZPhysicalMemoryBacking
  • 82e3640: 8246330: Add TLS Tests for Legacy ECDSA curves
  • 8dc6643: 8243535: NMT may show wrong numbers for CDS and CCS
  • dc91b06: 8244614: cleanup keywords used/available in hotspot testbase
  • b37d806: 8246706: [macos] Allow SigningPackageTest to be built with real certificates
  • 976c469: 8236282: [macos] Find permanent solution to macOS test timeout problem JDK-8235738
  • 71d646a: 8235521: Replacement API for Unsafe::ensureClassInitialized
  • 6fc6476: 8246719: remove LambdaStableNameTest from problem list
  • 9cd41b6: 8246592: Simplify checking of boolean file attributes
  • 1786701: 8246729: MappedByteBuffer.force() throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • 63ade9c: 8236697: Stack overflow with cyclic hierarchy in class file
  • 46f4bf9: 8246750: Docs bundle should be published to common dir
  • a748779: 8246770: Atomic::add() with 64 bit value fails to link on 32-bit platforms
  • 785b914: 8243424: Signature and SignatureSpi get parameter methods may return null when unsupported
  • a043bd0: 8246632: StringConcatFactory::makeConcatWithConstants no longer throws NullPointerException when an unexpected constant is null
  • 5805cbe: 8081652: [TESTBUG] java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ timed out intermittently
  • ea9aeda: 8131745: java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ still fails intermittently
  • b073038: 8246751: Mac OS build settings should use -O3
  • e90621c: 8246199: 'permits' is a restricted identifier
  • 358714b: 8246353: Sealed types not supported by jshell
  • 3943f9d: 8246431: java/net/httpclient/PathSubscriber tests fail due to missing FilePermission
  • f87ef60: 8238204: fails on macOS when called from
  • 28d2cdf: 8246627: Consolidate app image bundlers
  • 045d61b: 8246624: Refactor JLinkBundlerHelper and StandardBundlerParam classes
  • 086c5f1: 8246442: nmethod::can_convert_to_zombie() asserts when not called by the sweeper
  • 201d0a4: 8246689: Enable independent compressed oops/class ptrs on Aarch64
  • 6cbd66b: 8242240: JfrStacktrace_lock rank not special enough
  • f160c80: 8244920: Access violation in frames::interpreter_frame_method
  • ac2828d: 8164408: Add module support for @see, @link and @linkplain javadoc tags
  • 9a8ace2: 8246837: Rename WeakHandle<vm_class_loader_data> to better reflect its OopStorage association
  • 6e43cdd: 8247115: Fix typos in java.lang.invoke and java.lang
  • 3df95aa: 8247212: Use assistant markup in java.lang.module.ModuleDescriptor
  • 5b6f050: 8245828: Remove unnecessary NetworkPermission checks from jdk/net/
  • 59428f4: 8245958: j.l.Record need to mention that canonical constructor may not be public
  • ac90616: 8243999: DatagramSocket and MulticastSocket constructors don't specify how a null InetAddress is handled
  • c47f27e: 8236469: macOS devkit needs 64-bit SetFile for Catalina
  • 022d7a1: 8236108: tools/javac/lambda/ timed out
  • 9149f10: 8241439: jdk.NativeLibraryEvent hooks all opened regular files
  • 7d6c1cf: 8246648: issue with OperatingSystemImpl getFreeSwapSpaceSize in docker after 8242480
  • a98bad2: 8246453: TestClone crashes with "all collected exceptions must come from the same place"
  • 35ceac0: 8243597: AArch64: Add support for integer vector abs
  • be14526: 8196450: Deprecate JDWP/JDI canUnrestrictedlyRedefineClasses to match JVM TI capabilities
  • ff8c6d5: 8246709: sun/security/tools/jarsigner/ compilation failed after JDK-8244683
  • 2625942: 8246484: Verify patch at start of COMPARE_BUILD=PATCH run
  • cd651b9: 8246435: Replace Javascript implementation of pandoc filters with Java
  • 71c926c: 8246697: Test: java/util/StringJoiner/ failing with OOM
  • a46a94c: 8245068: Implement Deprecation of RMI Activation
  • 8d19eca: 8222241: Example in ServiceLoader API docs should have one provides directive
  • 9c3be78: 8246429: Javadoc comparators are not module-aware
  • 97fc959: 8246132: AsynchronousSocketChannelNAPITest failing with a NotYetConnectedException
  • 13d3023: 8244683: A TSA server used by tests
  • ec4240b: 8246696: Test: java/util/StringJoiner/ failing with OOM
  • efffff1: 8245874: requires.extraPropDefns.vmOpts doesn't need -Xbootclasspath/a:bootClasses
  • 0b02c5b: 8245981: Upgrade to jQuery 3.5.1
  • 498b0e6: 8246340: Move SystemDictionary GC roots into OopStorage
  • 06e47d0: 8246622: Remove CollectedHeap::print_gc_threads_on()
  • c66bef0: 8233705: Let artifact iteration running time be a function of incrementally tagged artifacts
  • 45fa5aa: 8242088: Replace mutually exclusive lists with concurrent alternatives
  • 4de4200: 8230743: StringJoiner does not handle too large strings correctly
  • cb960ee: 8245487: Potential double-free of interfaces array
  • f833afa: 8246640: @systemproperty should be @systemProperty in
  • 5f0f4d7: 8246377: [PPC64] Further improvements for assembler stop function
  • 6c3bc71: 8243380: Update Graal
  • 0963050: 8246557: test_os_linux.cpp uses NULL instead of MAP_FAILED to check for failed mmap call
  • d071ed0: 8244582: Remove terminally deprecated Solaris-specific SO_FLOW_SLA socket option
  • 4d75aef: 8238585: JvmtiEventControllerPrivate::enter_interp_only_mode() should not make compiled methods on stack not_entrant
  • 8384f7f: 8246406: ZGC: Generate crash reports in debug builds for a few important errors paths
  • 1c27ce3: 8246405: Add GCLogPrecious functionality to log and report debug errors
  • aee7490: 8246593: Shenandoah: string dedup roots should be processed during concurrent weak roots phase
  • 9d5f388: 8245512: CRC32 optimization using AVX512 instructions
  • 9a7f519: 8245321: refactor the redefine check that an attribute consisting of a list of classes has not changed
  • 507816d: 8244565: Accept PKCS JDK-8240996: Lanai: rendering artifacts with external GPU #8 with version number 1
  • 0db1be2: 8246486: javac doesn't allow a subclass to be declared before a sealed superclass with no permits clause
  • b94314a: 8087327: CipherStream produces new byte array on every update or doFinal operation
  • 9a88048: 8246274: G1 old gen allocation tracking is not in a separate class
  • 1b59097: 8246612: Shenandoah: add timing tracking to ShenandoahStringDedupRoots
  • 9cadf1a: 8246282: [REDO] JDK-8245121 (bf) XBuffer.put(Xbuffer src) can give unexpected result when storage overlaps
  • dd016c3: 8227647: [Graal] fails due to "RuntimeException: static java.lang.Object compiler.uncommontrap.Test8009761.m3(boolean,boolean) not compiled"
  • a351ebd: 8245043: Simplified contention benchmark
  • e1b8e91: 8246478: Remove src/utils/reorder
  • 4365c2b: 8246572: Always pass java.library.path when running micro benchmarks
  • 62d1de3: Added tag jdk-15+26 for changeset 0a32396f7a69
  • bcbe46b: 8246397: Use KnownOIDs for known OIDs
  • 2bfc64a: 8245283: JFR: Can't handle constant dynamic used by Jacoco agent
  • 7d1eb8f: 8246260: JFR: Write event size field without padding
  • 827c886: 8246451: Reduce overhead of normalizing file paths with trailing slash
  • d9fc445: 8246458: Shenandoah: test fail with -XX:+ShenandoahVerify
  • f1e1cb7: 8246095: Tweaks to memory access API
  • eec7750: 8238763: ObjectInputStream readUnshared method handling of Records
  • f7cb0f7: 8244278: Excessive code cache flushes and sweeps
  • 99d6bea: 8244660: Code cache sweeper heuristics is broken
  • 06b49fa: 8244658: Remove dead code in code cache sweeper
  • 10874e0: 8245658: has two occurrences of bad unicode constants in Javadoc
  • a809ff0: 8246434: Threads::print_on_error assumes that the heap has been set up
  • b5678a4: 8246258: Enable hs_err heap printing earlier during initialization
  • a180444: 8246404: ZGC: Use GCLogPrecious for important logging lines
  • 5fc89b6: 8246135: Save important GC log lines and print them when dumping hs_err files
  • 1314ca8: 8246433: Shenandoah: walk roots in more efficient order in ShenandoahRootUpdater
  • 26a1841: 8246134: ZGC: Restructure hs_err sections
  • 56b7960: 8242897: KeyFactory.generatePublic( x509Spec ) failed with
  • 563ce12: 8246359: clarify confusing comment in ObjectMonitor::EnterI()'s race with async deflation
  • d347d2e: 8246261: failed due to "AssertionError: expected [18:14:22] but found [18:14:23]"
  • 3dc78e7: 8204994: SA might fail to attach to process with "Windbg Error: WaitForEvent failed"
  • 453f6cf: 8243434: use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_vm_g1classunloading
  • f2cd6d6: 8243430: use reproducible random in :vmTestbase_vm_gc
  • 0366f6b: 8246338: Reduce overhead of normalizing file paths
  • ddbc7ed: 8221306: JVMTI spec for FramePop(), MethodExit(), and MethodEnter() could use some cleanup
  • 7e862f9: 8246368: Add override for return tag of Modifier::toString
  • 47cc808: 8232841: [TESTBUG] [macos] SigningPackageTest fails when untrusted certificates exist on machine
  • 1933fe3: 8246010: AdditionalLaunchersTest is not enabled, and fails
  • 5ce3d0d: 8245707: Increase Metaspace reserve alignment
  • 334df28: 8246342: Shenandoah: remove unused ShenandoahIsMarkedNextClosure
  • 512cc3e: 8245961: Shenandoah: move some root marking to concurrent phase
  • 8752e02: 8245833: crash_with_sigfpe uses pthread_kill(SIGFPE) on macOS
  • 5f67125: 8245509: Crash handler itself crashes when reporting Unsafe.putInt(0) crash
  • f6ad22f: 8236823: Ensure that API documentation uses minified libraries
  • a111494: 8246290: Refine specification of javax.lang.model.element.Modifier::toString
  • ccb6d0e: 8234628: Change BasicHashTables::new_entry() to use clamp()
  • 9c99008: 8245714: "Bad graph detected in build_loop_late" when loads are pinned on loop limit check uncommon branch
  • 01cfedf: 8244086: Following 8241492, strip mined loop may run extra iterations
  • ed538ea: 8246097: Shenandoah: limit parallelism in CLDG root handling
  • 82dc495: 8246100: Shenandoah: walk roots in more efficient order
  • 19257f4: 8246241: LambdaFormEditor should use a transform lookup key that is not a SoftReference
  • 22532ff: 8242281: IntStream.html#reduce doc should not mention average
  • f7a65b7: 8239083: C1 assert(known_holder == NULL || (known_holder->is_instance_klass() && (!known_holder->is_interface() || ((ciInstanceKlass*)known_holder)->has_nonstatic_concrete_methods())), "should be non-static concrete method");
  • f39a71c: 8243506: SharedBaseAddress is ignored by -Xshare:dump
  • b5775c8: 8239477: jdk/jfr/jcmd/ fails -XX:+VerifyOops with "verify_oop: rsi: broken oop"
  • f822eed: 8245957: Remove unused LIR_OpBranch::type after SPARC port removal
  • 5793b06: 8246153: TestEliminateArrayCopy fails with -XX:+StressReflectiveCode
  • 44ae643: 8210649: AssertionError @ jdk.compiler/
  • 04ad75e: 8241519: javac crashes with wrong module-info.class in module path
  • 1adecc8: 8245717: VM option "-XX:EnableJVMCIProduct" could not be repetitively enabled
  • 00f223e: 8153224: Monitor deflation prolong safepoints
  • 30aa1b0: 8245158: C2: Enable SLP for some manually unrolled loops
  • d42bfef: 8227046: compiler implementation for sealed classes
  • 567692e: 8246259: JFR: Fetch VM memory pools without using streams
  • 5e5880d: 8245061: Lookup::defineHiddenClass should throw ClassFormatError if this_class is not Class_info structure
  • 1f698a3: 8246152: Improve String concat bootstrapping
  • f3e027c: 8246256: GenerateLinkOptData should not mutate the interim or bootstrap JDK
  • ad7dafb: 8246251: Adjust HelloClasslist after JDK-8230301
  • 0b20eaf: 8241004: NMT tests fail on unaligned thread size with debug build
  • d0c6eef: 8246263: jdk is not yet ready for new Copyright line
  • 0ec39a0: 8230552: Provide information when hitting a HaltNode for architectures other than x86
  • 5a57b9f: 8245153: Unicode encoded double-quoted empty string does not compile
  • 4d10ebb: 8246075: Missing logging in nmethod::oops_do_marking_epilogue() on early return path
  • bfd2e96: 8230800: Clarify String::stripIndent javadoc when string ends with line terminator
  • 7467cd2: 8246045: ZGC: Fix ZDirector::rule_high_usage() calculation
  • 231d9a0: 8246044: ZGC: Rename ZDirector's max_capacity to soft_max_capacity
  • 116aee4: 8242527: ZGC: fails due to "Exception: Uncommitted too fast"
  • 0082c69: 8246198: Typo in java/util/regex/
  • 6212aea: 8246193: Possible NPE in ENC-PA-REP search in AS-REQ
  • 4eeb612: 8244573: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown for malformed class file

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