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AlanBateman committed Mar 16, 2021
1 parent 90ba78c commit 265e1aaab60b42111ad61f5bb314c66f8d7a3872
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@@ -507,33 +507,4 @@ default void close() {

* Returns an Executor that attempts to stop all tasks executing if a
* deadline is reached before it has terminated. The newly created Executor
* delegates all operations to this Executor. If the deadline is reached
* before the Executor has terminated then it is shutdown, as if by
* invoking {@link #shutdownNow()}. The {@code shutdownNow()} method
* may be invoked on a thread supporting the deadline mechanism.
* <p> If this method is invoked with a deadline that has already expired
* then its {@code shutdownNow()} method is invoked immediately. If the
* deadline has already expired or the executor has already terminated
* then this Executor is returned (a new Executor is not created).
* @implSpec
* The default implementation schedules a task to run when the deadline
* expires. The task invokes the {@code shutdownNow()} method to attempt
* to stop all executing tasks.
* @param deadline the deadline
* @return a new Executor that delegates operations to this Executor
* @throws NullPointerException if deadline is null
* @throws SecurityException if a security manager exists and it denies
* {@link java.lang.RuntimePermission}{@code ("modifyThread")}.
* @since 99
// default ExecutorService withDeadline(Instant deadline) {
// return TimedExecutorService.create(this, deadline);
// }

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