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8231508: Spec Clarification : KeyTab:exist() method does not specify …

…about the fallback details

Reviewed-by: mullan
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wangweij committed Feb 11, 2020
1 parent 983fc23 commit aa3638a32d949b0e327c02189b116ad3b84b045c
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@@ -305,9 +305,7 @@ public static KeyTab getInstance(KerberosPrincipal princ) {
* Checks if the keytab file exists. Implementation of this method
* should make sure that the result matches the latest status of the
* keytab file.
* <p>
* The caller can use the result to determine if it should fallback to
* another mechanism to read the keys.
* @return true if the keytab file exists; false otherwise.
* @throws SecurityException if a security manager exists and the read
* access to the keytab file is not permitted

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