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8263403: [JVMCI] output written to tty via HotSpotJVMCIRuntime can be…
… garbled

Reviewed-by: kvn, never
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Doug Simon committed Mar 11, 2021
1 parent b92abac commit f3bd801a8681db778122714e1df5ea12e7ef5824
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
@@ -920,7 +920,7 @@ static int writeDebugOutput0(CompilerToVM vm, byte[] bytes, int offset, int leng
Unsafe unsafe = UnsafeAccess.UNSAFE;
long buffer = unsafe.allocateMemory(length);
try {
unsafe.copyMemory(bytes, vm.ARRAY_BYTE_BASE_OFFSET, null, buffer, length);
unsafe.copyMemory(bytes, Unsafe.ARRAY_BYTE_BASE_OFFSET, null, buffer, length);
vm.writeDebugOutput(buffer, length, flush);
} finally {

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