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8235915: jpackage associations fail when there are spaces in file nam…

…e or path

Reviewed-by: prr, asemenyuk, almatvee
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Andy Herrick
Andy Herrick committed Dec 17, 2019
1 parent 3f865f4 commit ee5777c70057c35746841ba38373752fa4e6317c
@@ -477,7 +477,7 @@ private String addShortcutComponent(XMLStreamWriter xml, Path launcherPath,
xml.writeAttribute("Id", "open");
xml.writeAttribute("Command", "Open");
xml.writeAttribute("Argument", "%1");
xml.writeAttribute("Argument", "\"%1\"");
xml.writeAttribute("TargetFile", Id.File.of(fa.launcherPath));
xml.writeEndElement(); // <Verb>

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