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1048: Missing integration comment causes mlbridge to throw exceptions #1205

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@@ -188,7 +188,8 @@ private List<ArchiveItem> generateArchiveItems(List<Email> sentEmails, Repositor
log.warning("Target commit for PR no longer exists, can't post or verify integration notice: " + hash.get());
} else {
throw new RuntimeException("PR " + pr.webUrl() + " has integrated label but no integration comment");"PR " + pr.webUrl() + " has integrated label but no integration comment, " +
"can't post integration notice until it does");
} else if (threadPrefix.equals("RFR")) {
var reply = ArchiveItem.closedNotice(pr, hostUserToEmailAuthor, parent, subjectPrefix);
@@ -336,16 +336,24 @@ void archiveIntegrated(TestInfo testInfo) throws IOException {
// Add a comment quickly before integration - it should not be combined with the integration message
pr.addComment("I will now integrate this PR");

// Now it has been integrated
// Mark it as integrated but skip adding the integration comment for now
var ignoredPr = ignored.pullRequest(;
ignoredPr.setBody("This has been integrated");
ignoredPr.addComment("Pushed as commit " + editHash + ".");

// Run another archive pass

// Verify that no integration message was added to the archive
assertFalse(archiveContains(archiveFolder.path(), "Subject: Integrated:"));

// Add the integration comment
ignoredPr.addComment("Pushed as commit " + editHash + ".");

// Run another archive pass

// The archive should now contain another entry
Repository.materialize(archiveFolder.path(), archive.url(), "master");
assertTrue(archiveContains(archiveFolder.path(), "Subject: Re: RFR: 1234: This is a pull request"));