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322: Improve error message on non-author /integrate #527

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@@ -57,7 +57,17 @@ private Optional<String> checkProblem(Map<String, Check> performedChecks, String
public void handle(PullRequestBot bot, PullRequest pr, CensusInstance censusInstance, Path scratchPath, String args, Comment comment, List<Comment> allComments, PrintWriter reply) {
if (! {
reply.println("Only the author (@" + + ") is allowed to issue the `integrate` command.");
reply.print("Only the author (@" + + ") is allowed to issue the `integrate` command.");

// If the command author is allowed to sponsor this change, suggest that command
var readyHash = ReadyForSponsorTracker.latestReadyForSponsor(pr.repository().forge().currentUser(), allComments);
if (readyHash.isPresent()) {
if (ProjectPermissions.mayCommit(censusInstance, {
reply.print(" As this PR is ready to be sponsored, and you are an eligible sponsor, did you mean to issue the `/sponsor` command?");

@@ -426,6 +426,55 @@ void invalidCommandAuthor(TestInfo testInfo) throws IOException {

void invalidCommandSponsor(TestInfo testInfo) throws IOException {
try (var credentials = new HostCredentials(testInfo);
var tempFolder = new TemporaryDirectory()) {
var author = credentials.getHostedRepository();
var integrator = credentials.getHostedRepository();
var external = credentials.getHostedRepository();

var censusBuilder = credentials.getCensusBuilder()
var mergeBot = PullRequestBot.newBuilder().repo(integrator).censusRepo(;

// Populate the projects repository
var localRepo = CheckableRepository.init(tempFolder.path(), author.repositoryType());
var masterHash = localRepo.resolve("master").orElseThrow();
localRepo.push(masterHash, author.url(), "master", true);

// Make a change with a corresponding PR
var editHash = CheckableRepository.appendAndCommit(localRepo);
localRepo.push(editHash, author.url(), "refs/heads/edit", true);
var pr = credentials.createPullRequest(author, "master", "edit", "This is a pull request");

// Approve it as another user
var approvalPr = integrator.pullRequest(;
approvalPr.addReview(Review.Verdict.APPROVED, "Approved");

// Mark it as ready for integration

// Issue a merge command not as the PR author
var externalPr = external.pullRequest(;

// The bot should reply with an error message
var error = pr.comments().stream()
.filter(comment -> comment.body().contains("Only the author"))
.filter(comment -> comment.body().contains("did you mean to"))
.filter(comment -> comment.body().contains("`/sponsor`"))
assertEquals(1, error);

void autoRebase(TestInfo testInfo) throws IOException {
try (var credentials = new HostCredentials(testInfo);