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8242316: Shenandoah: Turn NULL-check into assert in SATB slow-path entry
Reviewed-by: zgu, shade
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rkennke committed Apr 8, 2020
1 parent 05c26d8 commit 343f7603e7bd9d8ba1c839f4c45e4412c5edead3
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 4 deletions.
@@ -43,10 +43,7 @@ void ShenandoahRuntime::arraycopy_barrier_narrow_oop_entry(narrowOop* src, narro

// Shenandoah pre write barrier slowpath
JRT_LEAF(void, ShenandoahRuntime::write_ref_field_pre_entry(oopDesc* orig, JavaThread *thread))
if (orig == NULL) {
assert(false, "should be optimized out");
assert(orig != NULL, "should be optimized out");
shenandoah_assert_correct(NULL, orig);
// store the original value that was in the field reference
assert(ShenandoahThreadLocalData::satb_mark_queue(thread).is_active(), "Shouldn't be here otherwise");

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