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8251398: [lworld] TestCallingConvention::test36 spuriously fails due to incorrect field value #143

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@TobiHartmann TobiHartmann commented Aug 11, 2020

In addition to integer registers, we also need to save vector registers used for floating point arguments before calling into the runtime in the GC barrier slowpaths.


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  • JDK-8251398: [lworld] TestCallingConvention::test36 spuriously fails due to incorrect field value


$ git fetch pull/143/head:pull/143
$ git checkout pull/143

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bridgekeeper bot commented Aug 11, 2020

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openjdk bot commented Aug 11, 2020

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8251398: [lworld] TestCallingConvention::test36 spuriously fails due to incorrect field value
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mlbridge bot commented Aug 11, 2020


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TobiHartmann commented Aug 11, 2020


@openjdk openjdk bot closed this Aug 11, 2020
@openjdk openjdk bot added integrated and removed ready rfr labels Aug 11, 2020
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openjdk bot commented Aug 11, 2020

@TobiHartmann The following commits have been pushed to lworld since your change was applied:

  • f0a8efc: Merge jdk
  • 13b7c2e: 8244724: CTW: C2 compilation fails with "Live Node limit exceeded limit"
  • 2a37607: 8248563: Gtest CFLAGS/warnings is not properly handled
  • f567358: 8248526: configure script failed on WSL in May 2020 update
  • 545d56d: Merge
  • 7d54e71: 8246493: JDI stress/serial/mixed002 needs to use WhiteBox.deflateIdleMonitors support
  • 46ff8fd: 8248409: some jdk/javadoc/doclet tests fail (JDK 15)
  • 7c3d72f: Merge
  • 0f43de9: 8246114: java/net/MulticastSocket/ fails after 8241072 (multi-homed systems)
  • 13750b6: 8248048: ZGC: AArch64: SIGILL in load barrier register spilling
  • abc55de: 8248485: Poor scalability in JfrCheckpointManager when using many threads after JDK-8242008
  • a338213: 8248545: Remove unneeded warning suppression of MSVC++ 4521/4522
  • eb1bacc: 8248475: Suppress unconditional warning "JFR will be disabled during CDS dumping"
  • 2de3595: 8248548: Use DISABLED_WARNINGS for globally disabled warnings on Visual Studio in Hotspot
  • f19db79: 8248547: Use SetupJdkLibrary for hotspot libraries
  • 622117d: 8234605: C2 failed "assert(C->live_nodes() - live_at_begin <= 2 * _nodes_required) failed: Bad node estimate: actual = 208 >> request = 101"
  • 20a1e35: 8248492: ProblemList open/test/langtools//jdk/javadoc/doclet/testHeadTag/
  • 46f8647: 8248346: Move OopStorage mutex setup out from OopStorageSet
  • 51b7c76: 8245129: Enhance jstat gc option output and tests
  • ba711f6: 8248410: Correct Fix for 8236647: java/lang/invoke/ failed with InvocationTargetException in Graal mode
  • 682e836: 8248488: JDK-8246484 actually broke COMPARE_BUILD
  • 5a6954a: 8246051: SIGBUS by unaligned Unsafe compare_and_swap
  • 840867e: 8247218: Add default constructor to VectorSet to use Thread::current()->resource_area() as arena by default
  • fe14564: 8248227: Shenandoah: Refactor Shenandoah::heap() to match other GCs
  • c07ce7e: 8245245: Websocket can lose the URL encoding of URI query parameters
  • 55bbaf1: 8248273: Small clean up for PerfClassTraceTime
  • 48c0ce3: 8247408: IdealGraph bit check expression canonicalization
  • a25bacd: 8248234: Disabling UseExactTypes crashes C2
  • a793293: 8247845: Shenandoah: refactor TLAB/GCLAB retirement code
  • 5ad963c: 8248379: Handshake closures for JVMTI monitor functions lack of some validations
  • 9d67970: Merge
  • ac4f14c: 8247307: C2: Loop array fill stub routines are not called
  • f44f885: 8248044: Backout ProblemList-ed tests introduced by JDK-8247876
  • a2db08a: 8247438: JShell: When FailOverExecutionControlProvider fails the proximal cause is not shown
  • bdab5a0: 8248428: Cleanup pass on javax.lang.model docs
  • 1ef33e4: 8248168: [Graal] jck tests timeout in Graal with -Xcomp mode
  • a0a0539: 8248112: array index out of bound in FileMapInfo::check_paths
  • f6c537f: 8247438: JShell: When FailOverExecutionControlProvider fails the proximal cause is not shown
  • fc82a46: 8248412: test/jdk/java/sql/testng/test/sql/ can fail
  • c0c4a8d: 8248326: Add a minimal serialization test for local records
  • 57b792c: 8248216: JFR: Unify handling of all OopStorage instances in LeakProfiler root processing
  • 18cddad: 8247819: G1: Process strong OopStorage entries in parallel
  • 51ddc2a: 8246337: Add more JVM tests for sealed classes
  • e7fa180: 8248334: hs build errors on ppc64 and s390x platforms
  • 9ffba30: 8247747: Remove macro definition of "inline" in stack.hpp
  • 55b4722: Merge
  • b87302c: 8248347: windows build broken by JDK-8243114
  • 2534e72: 8248358: ProblemList sun/nio/ch/ on macOSX
  • e098a31: 8248351: ProblemList serviceability/jvmti/ModuleAwareAgents/ThreadStart/ on Windows
  • 708b60e: 8248354: ProblemList vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/stress/serial/mixed002/
  • fc82768: 8247849: permits clause of sealed interfaces should not allow parameterized types
  • 23bbc98: 8248302: JFR: Add test for OldObjectSample event when using ZGC
  • 4682835: 8203005: The top-of-stack type specified for nofast_* bytecodes are wrong
  • 8a42442: 8248341: ProblemList java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/
  • 5724c0d: 8248339: ProblemList jdk/jfr/event/os/
  • b4ea9cf: 8248335: ProblemList compiler/ciReplay/ and with AOT
  • e00aa7c: 8248329: JDK-8244603 breaks windows build
  • aacb827: 8220639: Need a way to augment JTREG_LAUNCHER_OPTIONS from command-line
  • d886d8c: 8247730: 2 JNI exception pending defect groups in DwarfParser.cpp
  • 47e465c: 8243114: Implement montgomery{Multiply,Square}intrinsics on Windows
  • 0f2ac20: 8244603: G1 incorrectly limiting young gen size when using the reserve can result in repeated full gcs
  • 8c20401: 8243672: Short term pause time ratio calculation in G1 off
  • a953a0f: 8247968: test/jdk/javax/crypto/SecretKeyFactory/ has wrong header
  • a6e794b: 8248240: Remove extendedPC.hpp and fetch_frame_from_ucontext
  • 06cea10: 8248271: linux-x86-zero build failure
  • 601e566: 8245128: Kitchensink fails with: assert(destination == (address)-1 || destination == entry) failed: b) MT-unsafe modification of inline cache
  • 31c511e: 8246704: --release => "unknown enum constant PreviewFeature$Feature.TEXT_BLOCKS"
  • 42d3bad: 8248233: Avoid superfluous Class::isRecord invocations during deserialization
  • 233cac3: Merge
  • 9e5f688: Added tag jdk-16+3 for changeset 76810b3a88c8
  • 34755c3: Added tag jdk-15+29 for changeset b58fc6058055
  • f45d121: 8248255: [macos] Add failing DMG tests to problem list
  • ac37a29: 8248049: minor cleanups in gc/whitebox/
  • 3e4ad5d: 8246477: add whitebox support for deflating idle monitors
  • 362f168: 8242501: JFR: oldobject/ can't find leaking object
  • 2ad6386: 8247573: gtest/ is not helpful if gtest framework is missing
  • 1e45eb3: 8248235: appcds/jigsaw/PatchModule/ failed when running in dynamic CDS mode
  • 95b9024: 8164597: fails after push for JDK-8164130
  • 4b3c33b: 8247785: Small clarification of the javadoc about builtin class loaders
  • 0e60e8a: 8246181: Avoid walking SymbolTable during -Xshare:dump
  • d85ff3c: 8246212: JPKG001-012: application icon is missing in Control Panel Add/Remove
  • 2993654: 8247246: Add explicit and expose presence of default methods
  • 6715f23: 8241718: assert ((klass)->trace_id()) & ((JfrTraceIdEpoch::method_and_class_in_use_this_epoch_bits()))) != 0 in ObjectSampleCheckpoint::add_to_leakp_set
  • 2f09989: 8247532: Records deserialization is slow
  • 4bcd70a: 8247967: SIGSEGV in various places
  • e66a2a3: 8247955: doclint: don't complain about summary/caption when role=presentation
  • 1e1985d: 8247956: remove scripts under bin/nashorn and doc/nashorn/source
  • 36d716a: 8248011: Improve javadoc of Foreign Memory Access API
  • 7f69acc: 8247696: Incorrect tail computation for large segments in AbstractMemorySegmentImpl::mismatch
  • 6469685: 8247992: [JVMCI] HotSpotNmethod.executeVarargs can try execute a zombie nmethod
  • 4167ba1: 8248061: bad reference in @throws in HotSpotDiagnosticMXBean
  • 05dc2af: 8247824: CTW: C2 (Shenandoah) compilation fails with SEGV in SBC2Support::pin_and_expand
  • d5ae932: 8248265: compiler/ciReplay tests fail with AOT compiled java.base
  • a7e352b: 8246051: SIGBUS by unaligned Unsafe compare_and_swap
  • 144267d: 7107012: sun.jvm.hostspot.code.CompressedReadStream readDouble() conversion to long mishandled
  • d19f2bd: 8234605: C2 failed "assert(C->live_nodes() - live_at_begin <= 2 * _nodes_required) failed: Bad node estimate: actual = 208 >> request = 101"
  • 320af9b: 8248264: WinUpgradeUUIDTest application is missing in downgrade scenario
  • d180fb3: 8248254: jpackage fails if app module is in external runtime
  • 1a4f314: 8248427: jpackage jtreg BasicTest.testTemp() test fails on Windows
  • d16ea55: 8236647: Correct Fix for 8236647: java/lang/invoke/ failed with InvocationTargetException in Graal mode
  • 97cdfb9: 8247832: [Graal] Many Javafuzzer tests failures with Graal, due to unexpected results, after last update JDK-8243380

Your commit was automatically rebased without conflicts.

Pushed as commit 2455c8e.

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