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8252040: [lworld] Execute compiler unit tests in random order #154

wants to merge 2 commits into from


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@TobiHartmann TobiHartmann commented Aug 19, 2020

  • Profiling of callee methods depends on execution order of unit tests. Execute tests in random order to increase coverage.
  • At double field to test inline type
  • Verify that expected NPEs are always thrown
  • Fixed a test bug in (array element is not re-initialized and therefore NULL)
  • Refactoring and removal of old, non-applicable TODOs


  • Change must not contain extraneous whitespace


  • JDK-8252040: [lworld] Execute compiler unit tests in random order


$ git fetch pull/154/head:pull/154
$ git checkout pull/154

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@bridgekeeper bridgekeeper bot commented Aug 19, 2020

👋 Welcome back thartmann! A progress list of the required criteria for merging this PR into lworld will be added to the body of your pull request.

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@openjdk openjdk bot commented Aug 19, 2020

@TobiHartmann This change now passes all automated pre-integration checks, type /integrate in a new comment to proceed. After integration, the commit message will be:

8252040: [lworld] Execute compiler unit tests in random order
  • If you would like to add a summary, use the /summary command.
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  • To add additional solved issues, use the /issue command.

Since the source branch of this PR was last updated there have been 201 commits pushed to the lworld branch:

As there are no conflicts, your changes will automatically be rebased on top of these commits when integrating. If you prefer to avoid automatic rebasing, please merge lworld into your branch, and then specify the current head hash when integrating, like this: /integrate 3540dd4d19c728c52f9141341835026e9bb17ce6.

➡️ To integrate this PR with the above commit message to the lworld branch, type /integrate in a new comment.

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@mlbridge mlbridge bot commented Aug 19, 2020


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@TobiHartmann TobiHartmann commented Aug 20, 2020

Executing tests in random order triggered at least 4 new bugs that I'll fix before pushing this change.

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@TobiHartmann TobiHartmann commented Aug 31, 2020


@openjdk openjdk bot closed this Aug 31, 2020
@openjdk openjdk bot added integrated and removed ready rfr labels Aug 31, 2020
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@openjdk openjdk bot commented Aug 31, 2020

@TobiHartmann The following commits have been pushed to lworld since your change was applied:

  • 3540dd4: 8229897: [lworld] C1 should avoid allocation when reading a field from a flattened field
  • 54b5410: 8252299: [lworld] C2 compilation fails with assert(!use_ReduceInitialCardMarks()) failed: can only happen with card marking
  • acfed88: 8252061: [lword] Support Object::toString for inline type
  • bce51c9: 8244713: [lworld] V.ref class should not inadvertently carry over attributes from V.class
  • a8215ec: Merge jdk
  • 023c53d: 8247677: Incorrect class name displayed in DriverManager trace output
  • 1982432: Merge
  • d7c1bb1: Merge
  • 6d201db: 8249036: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_stress tests
  • 919eb12: 8249032: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_sysdict tests
  • 6c95a87: 8249035: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_jdwp tests
  • ba1db57: 8249028: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_nsk_monitoring tests
  • 765abcb: 8249033: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_metaspace tests
  • 606aad5: 8249029: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_defmeth tests
  • 265b36f: 8236809: [Graal] java/lang/Class/getDeclaredField/ timeouts
  • 52977fd: Merge
  • a9b7ae8: 8249255: Build fails if source code in cygwin home dir
  • 7a6c1a6: 8247502: PhaseStringOpts crashes while optimising effectively dead code
  • be04c8c: 8249256: [macos] Add EmptyFolderPackageTest test to problem list
  • 92be493: Merge
  • 77c83d9: 8236935: Improve UX of the search control
  • b852688: 8237592: Enhance certificate verification
  • 34fc330: 8234836: Improve serialization handling
  • 19c2992: 8241522: Manifest improved jar headers redux
  • d7bbb5c: 8242136: Better XML namespace handling
  • 343ecd8: 8231800: Better listing of arrays
  • 0ffa6b7: 8237117: Better ForkJoinPool behavior
  • fe514a2: 8241379: Update JCEKS support
  • e3673d4: 8238843: Enhanced font handing
  • 45258a1: 8236867: Enhance Graal interface handling
  • 0c58055: 8240482: Improved WAV file playback
  • 6ac3892: 8238804: Enhance key handling process
  • c90e523: 8238920: Better Buffer support
  • 800f133: 8240119: Less Affine Transformations
  • 45cace2: 8238925: Enhance WAV file playback
  • 8fdbb29: 8236191: Enhance OID processing
  • fa3d79c: 8230613: Better ASCII conversions
  • 151b6f1: 8233239: Enhance TIFF support
  • 3476724: 8238002: Better matrix operations
  • 697fb9e: 8232014: Expand DTD support
  • fc02d98: 8238013: Enhance String writing
  • d285fd6: 8234418: Better parsing with CertificateFactory
  • 8a616df: 8233234: Better Zip Naming
  • a5a46ff: 8233255: Better Swing Buttons
  • da6daad: 8234042: Better factory production of certificates
  • 1bfcf76: 8234032: Improve basic calendar services
  • 590de67: 8242891: vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/ test should be fixed to fail early if JVMTI function return error
  • f8f35d3: 8248695: HostLocaleProviderAdapterImpl provides invalid date-only
  • 10e6a6a: 8248605: Update --release 15 symbol information for JDK 15 build 31
  • 195c45a: 8245226: Clean-up FlagSetting and remove misuse
  • 30bc2b7: 8248997: JFR: Improve javadoc for @name
  • 4900219: 8249264: Build validate-headers task fails after JDK-8248261
  • c4f835b: 8249165: Remove unneeded nops introduced by 8234160 changes
  • 7436ef2: 8246476: remove AsyncDeflateIdleMonitors option and the safepoint based deflation mechanism
  • 231a840: 8248261: Add timestamps to jpackage and jpackage tests verbose output
  • 8f8ff52: 8248486: SafeThread illegal access to java.lang private fields should be removed
  • 83a458c: 8247779: Remove deprecated --bind-services option from jpackage
  • 5146474: 8246308: Reference count for PackageEntry::name may be incorrectly decremented
  • 097720c: 8249195: Change to Xcode 11.3.1 for building on Macos at Oracle
  • a14490d: 8247502: PhaseStringOpts crashes while optimising effectively dead code
  • deddbe5: 8248988: JFR: Split up
  • f613d43: 8249230: Shenandoah: assertion failure with -XX:-ResizeTLAB
  • 870e67d: 8247695: PPC/S390: compiler/intrinsics/math/ fails
  • 2d3c928: 8249137: Remove CollectedHeap::obj_size
  • faf4d7c: 8242428: JVMTI thread operations should use Thread-Local Handshake
  • 09510a1: Merge
  • 5b2fd36: 8247670: Shenandoah: deadlock during class unloading OOME
  • 04280a0: 8249000: vm.gc.X should take selected JIT into account
  • c5ad1da: 8249019: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_compiler tests
  • 9bbec04: 8249038: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_gc tests
  • a376fb7: 8217475: Unexpected StackOverflowError in "process reaper" thread
  • 32482c8: 8248598: [Graal] Several testcases from applications/jcstress/ fails with forbidden state
  • a18e8d3: 8248048: ZGC: AArch64: SIGILL in load barrier register spilling
  • 8f26a1f: 8247229: jpackage tests failed due to "semop(1): encountered an error: Invalid argument"
  • 0861248: 8247670: Shenandoah: deadlock during class unloading OOME
  • 985061a: 8249149: Remove obsolete UseNewFieldLayout option and associated code
  • 0a38584: 8248652: Shenandoah: SATB buffer handling may assume no forwarded objects
  • d3d29a4: Merge
  • 37880ba: 8242529: javac defines type annotations incorrectly for record members (constructor and property accessor)
  • 1b1fb08: 8249086: JDK 15 L10N resource file update - msg drop 10
  • 183dadb: 8249037: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_g1classunloading tests
  • 5c76194: 8248983: Add links to definition of empty name
  • 9bac33f: 8248426: NMT: VirtualMemoryTracker::split_reserved_region() does not properly update summary counting
  • 97b948a: 8248336: AArch64: C2: offset overflow in BoxLockNode::emit
  • 6b91162: 8210462: Fix remaining mentions of initial mark
  • 59e3ebb: 8248322: G1: Refactor full collection sizing code
  • 65b23ca: 8249080: Reduce MemberName class dependency on MethodHandles
  • f4f0940: 8249141: Fix indent in java_lang_Record definition in vmSymbols.hpp
  • 6a91c73: 8248403: AArch64: Remove uses of kernel integer types
  • ed31b66: 8247818: GCC 10 warning stringop-overflow with symbol code
  • 3dcd1c1: Merge
  • 2fe15bc: Added tag jdk-15+31 for changeset a32f58c6b8be
  • 69a9403: 8248822: 8 vm/classfmt/atr_ann/atr_rtm_annot007/atr_rtm_annot00709 tests fail w/ AOT
  • 9f0bafe: 8249097: test/lib/jdk/test/lib/util/ has a bad copyright
  • dda0c6c: 8211974: move test/jdk/lib/testlibrary/java/util/jar/*.java to top-level library or a local library
  • e5c43ab: 8249018: clean up FileInstaller $test.src $cwd in vmTestbase_vm_mlvm tests
  • a0e5043: 8246806: Incorrect copyright header in,
  • 802737c: 8248845: AArch64: stack corruption after spilling vector register
  • ddcb17e: 8248112: array index out of bound in FileMapInfo::check_paths
  • 11ba454: Added tag jdk-16+5 for changeset 143e258f64af
  • fc1b24e: 8243592: Subject$SecureSet::addAll should not call contains(null)
  • e2353cc: 8248987: AOT's seems to eagerly fail-fast on Windows
  • dfe381a: 8248658: Remove vmTestbase/vm/share/vmcrasher
  • 4ab5388: 8252227: [lworld] Merge of jdk-16+5 broke compiler/arraycopy/
  • cd5c75f: Merge jdk
  • 4d2b0b5: 8248016: JFR: Remove Javadoc warnings
  • 0853b33: 8248701: On Windows generated modules-deps.gmk can contain backslash-r (CR) characters
  • d308558: 8248865: Document JNDI/LDAP timeout properties
  • d42f541: 8248231: deserializeLambda created with wrong encoding if platform encoding not UTF-8
  • 1d5ec8f: 8247762: [aarch64] Timeout in .../ due to inf. loop in
  • d7b097f: 8244764: Improve assertion for CPP_VTABLE_PATCH_TYPES_DO
  • eeb4b15: 8249002: New serviceability/sa/ #id2 and #id3 tests are failing with ZGC
  • ed05d57: 8223955: Eliminate or reduce mixing of old File API and new Path/Files APIs
  • c782d0e: Merge
  • e87c864: 8248570: Incorrect copyright header in
  • 5899ef1: 8208243: vmTestbase/gc/lock/jni/jnilock002/ fails in jdk/hs nightly
  • f4756fd: 8248505: Unexpected NoSuchAlgorithmException when using secure random impl from BCFIPS provider
  • ca91da0: 8248794: Transition JFR Periodic Task Thread to "_thread_in_native" before invoking performance counters
  • c7ecaa4: 8248219: aarch64: missing memory barrier in fast_storefield and fast_accessfield
  • 1b3a127: 8241803: JFR failed due to "RuntimeException: Wrong thread id"
  • db2d4e8: 8248194: Need better support for running SA tests on core files
  • f243b28: 8205467: javax/management/remote/mandatory/connection/ possible deadlock
  • 50e18e2: 8227337: javax/management/remote/mandatory/connection/ NoSuchObjectException no such object in table
  • a6cf325: 8248226: TestCloneAccessStressGCM fails with -XX:-ReduceBulkZeroing
  • 584e983: 8248568: compiler/c2/ failed: test missing from stdout/stderr
  • c5bb023: 8232782: Shenandoah: streamline post-LRB CAS barrier (aarch64)
  • 485194c: 8245021: Adding method 'remove_if_existing' to growableArray
  • 3d1b1a6: 8248170: Excessive include of compiledMethod, codeCache, javaClasses and systemDictionary
  • e584237: Merge
  • 653af30: 8248348: Regression caused by the update to BCEL 6.0
  • 7a4bf24: 8248501: [macos] App created with jpackage on Mac fails with error -10810
  • 45fce6b: 8242538: java/security/SecureRandom/ failed on windows
  • a8d20c9: 8247527: serviceability/dcmd/gc/ fails with Graal + ZGC
  • 79ad551: 8243670: Unexpected test result caused by C2 MergeMemNode::Ideal
  • 63a6adf: 8248746: Undo jhsdb related exclusiveAccess.dirs changes that were done for JDK-8220295
  • 8170244: 8248886: InstanceKlass::initialize_impl crashes with -XX:-UsePerfData after JDK-8246019
  • 28e219f: 8233829: javac cannot find non-ASCII module name under non-UTF8 environment
  • 2e09a58: 8246019: PerfClassTraceTime slows down VM start-up
  • 6d137a3: 8248043: Need to eliminate excessive i2l conversions
  • b02e4d4: 8248596: [TESTBUG] compiler/loopopts/ times out with Graal enabled
  • 459da4a: 8248219: aarch64: missing memory barrier in fast_storefield and fast_accessfield
  • 4922a35: Merge
  • 82cc03f: 8248703: Clarify the behavior of
  • 734a6c9: 8248799: Shenandoah: Claim threads token in constructor of ShenandoahRootVerifier
  • 6c89a96: 8248306: gc/stress/gclocker/ does not compile
  • 5cf3316: 8248725: Shenandoah: Claim verifier thread roots for parallel processing
  • 9993572: 8248388: ZGC: Load barrier incorrectly elided in jdk/java/text/Format/DateFormat/
  • 83fff05: 8248306: gc/stress/gclocker/ does not compile
  • 20147c3: Merge
  • 4506975: 8248398: Add diagnostic RepeatCompilation utility
  • e2072bb: 8245302: Upgrade LogRecord to support long thread ids and remove its usage of ThreadLocal
  • f23c983: 8248468: java/awt/font/DefaultFontTest/ fails in SunFontManager.findFont2D
  • 3961468: Merge
  • af51a73: 8244383: jhsdb/ fails with "AssertionFailure: illegal bci"
  • e0c26b3: 8248348: Regression caused by the update to BCEL 6.0
  • 6b8bf62: Merge
  • 5a90271: 8237488: jdk/jfr/event/compiler/ failed due to "RuntimeException: No thread in event"
  • dc0c0c7: 8248060: small HTML issues in java.xml files
  • 72ae322: 8208207: Test nsk/stress/jni/gclocker/gcl001 fails after co-location
  • a4b1353: 8244763: Update --release 8 symbol information after JSR 337 MR3
  • 4858141: 8247533: SA stack walking sometimes fails with sun.jvm.hotspot.debugger.DebuggerException: get_thread_regs failed for a lwp
  • 8b7c959: 8247922: Update Graal
  • ec25b42: 8076985: Allocation path: biased locking + compressed oops code quality
  • 579ed70: 8248417: some jdk/javadoc/doclet tests fail (JDK 16)
  • 78b9de8: 8248495: [macos] zerovm is broken due to libffi headers location
  • 1eaa411: Added tag jdk-16+4 for changeset e2622818f0bd
  • 4e962f9: 8248321: [JVMCI] improve libgraal logging and fatal error handling
  • 1356a0f: 8248667: Need support for building native libraries located in the test/lib directory
  • 3d9bad1: 8218021: Have jarsigner preserve posix permission attributes
  • dc63bf2: 8248650: [BACKOUT] Backout JDK-8244603 because it generates too much noise in CI
  • 51937e1: 8248634: Shenandoah: incorrect include in shenandoahInitLogger.cpp
  • 00e0a60: 8248632: Shenandoah: build fails without both JVMTI and JFR
  • 43a2010: Merge
  • 2e65885: Added tag jdk-15+30 for changeset 6909e4a1f25b
  • 637fdbc: Added tag jdk-16+4 for changeset 78c07dd72404
  • 7e93e03: 8248612: Back quotes and double quotes must not be escaped in: Cannot convert "$unix_path" to Windows path
  • bf04926: 8005088: remove unused NativeInstruction::test methods
  • dc74336: 8243586: Optimize calls to SystemDictionaryShared::define_shared_package for classpath
  • 4b85bd5: 8248610: Clean up handling of Windows RC files
  • 32aa661: 8247534: Update --release 15 symbol information for JDK 15 build 29
  • 292a3d5: Merge
  • 55e7003: 8248059: [macos] failed "hdiutil: create failed - No child processes"
  • 83a8c4a: 8244724: CTW: C2 compilation fails with "Live Node limit exceeded limit"
  • 03d47d5: 8248359: Update JVMCI
  • eb78035: 8247741: Test test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/7162488/ fails when -XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions is set
  • 5fbac4a: 8244324: RTFEditorKit does not display some of Japanese characters correctly
  • 911c553: 8245921: Minor copy/paste issue in BasicScrollBarUI
  • c3ec97d: 8248187: javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicGraphicsUtils/8132119/ fails with String is not properly drawn
  • 5699024: 8197560: test javax/swing/JTree/8003400/ fails
  • 921155d: 8036604: Typo in in the exception message
  • a1b5e01: 8213535: Windows HiDPI html lightweight tooltips are truncated
  • 2c868d6: Merge
  • 3c472b6: 8198623: java/awt/KeyboardFocusmanager/TypeAhead/EnqueueWithDialogButtonTest/ fails on mac
  • 02201d1: 7131400: [macosx] Desktop.edit(a directory) should throw IOException
  • c75f0f1: 8252111: [lworld] C2 intrinsic needs to handle unsafe access to non-flattened field of constant inline type holder
  • 2d8688f: 8252112: [lworld] Deoptimization fails when trying to re-assign empty inline type elements of a flattened array
  • 6f7ee4f: 8252110: [lworld] C2 compilation crashes with SIGSEGV in AddPNode::Value
  • ac68edf: 8252109: [lworld] C2 compilation fails with assert(!has_phi_inputs(region)) failed: already cloned with phis
  • a5aa3a9: 8251986: [lworld] implement Class::valueType and Class::referenceType in Java
  • 2bde31f: 8250511: [lworld] C2 compilation crashes in PhaseIdealLoop::spinup
  • b697e16: 8250764: [lworld] Merge JDK-8247697 in from mainline

Your commit was automatically rebased without conflicts.

Pushed as commit 9bde3a4.

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