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8267791: [lworld][lw3] Support compiler blackholes for inline types #429

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@@ -1928,7 +1928,7 @@ void Compile::process_inline_types(PhaseIterGVN &igvn, bool remove) {
igvn.replace_node(vt, vt->get_oop());
} else {
// Check if any users are blackholes. If so, rewrite them to use either the
// allocated box, or individual components, instead of the inline type node
// allocated buffer, or individual components, instead of the inline type node
// that goes away.
for (DUIterator i = vt->outs(); vt->has_out(i); i++) {
if (vt->out(i)->is_Blackhole()) {
@@ -21,16 +21,16 @@
* questions.

package runtime.valhalla.inlinetypes;
package compiler.valhalla.inlinetypes;

* @test BlackholeTest
* @summary Check that blackholes work with inline types
* @run main/othervm
* -Xbatch
* -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions
* -XX:CompileCommand=blackhole,runtime/valhalla/inlinetypes/BlackholeTest.blackhole
* runtime.valhalla.inlinetypes.BlackholeTest
* -XX:CompileCommand=blackhole,compiler/valhalla/inlinetypes/BlackholeTest.blackhole
* compiler.valhalla.inlinetypes.BlackholeTest

public class BlackholeTest {