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8268553: [lworld] CI must return secondary mirror when accessing CONSTANT_Class with Q-signature #442

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@@ -697,7 +697,15 @@ ciConstant ciEnv::get_constant_by_index_impl(const constantPoolHandle& cpool,
assert (klass->is_instance_klass() || klass->is_array_klass(),
"must be an instance or array klass ");
return ciConstant(T_OBJECT, klass->java_mirror());
if (tag.is_unresolved_klass()) {

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TobiHartmann Jul 9, 2021

This is too strict because klass->is_loaded() can be true even if tag.is_unresolved_klass(). This leads to C2 adding uncommon traps to trigger resolution in the interpreter. However, I've observed cases were the interpreter never resolved the constant and tag.is_unresolved_klass() remained true, leading to continuous deoptimizations in C2 compiled code. I'm not sure if that is expected behavior or if there is a bug in the interpreter but the CI code should be fixed in any case. I'll do that with JDK-8267932.

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fparain Jul 19, 2021
Author Collaborator

Do you have an example where the interpreter never resolves the entry?

return ciConstant(T_OBJECT, get_unloaded_klass_mirror(klass));
} else {
if (tag.is_Qdescriptor_klass()) {
return ciConstant(T_OBJECT, klass->as_inline_klass()->val_mirror());
} else {
return ciConstant(T_OBJECT, klass->java_mirror());
} else if (tag.is_method_type()) {
// must execute Java code to link this CP entry into cache[i].f1
ciSymbol* signature = get_symbol(cpool->method_type_signature_at(index));
@@ -140,3 +140,7 @@ address ciInlineKlass::unpack_handler() const {
InlineKlass* ciInlineKlass::get_InlineKlass() const {
GUARDED_VM_ENTRY(return to_InlineKlass();)

ciInstance* ciInlineKlass::val_mirror() {
GUARDED_VM_ENTRY(return CURRENT_ENV->get_instance(to_InlineKlass()->val_mirror());)
@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@ class ciInlineKlass : public ciInstanceKlass {
address pack_handler() const;
address unpack_handler() const;
InlineKlass* get_InlineKlass() const;
ciInstance* val_mirror();