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8269578: [lworld] fix AArch64 build after JDK-8267824 #467

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@@ -1555,14 +1555,14 @@ void MacroAssembler::test_klass_is_empty_inline_type(Register klass, Register te
cbnz(temp_reg, is_empty_inline_type);

void MacroAssembler::test_field_is_inline_type(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& is_inline) {
void MacroAssembler::test_field_is_null_free_inline_type(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& is_null_free_inline_type) {
assert(temp_reg == noreg, "not needed"); // keep signature uniform with x86
tbnz(flags, ConstantPoolCacheEntry::is_inline_type_shift, is_inline);
tbnz(flags, ConstantPoolCacheEntry::is_null_free_inline_type_shift, is_null_free_inline_type);

void MacroAssembler::test_field_is_not_inline_type(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& not_inline) {
void MacroAssembler::test_field_is_not_null_free_inline_type(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& not_null_free_inline_type) {
assert(temp_reg == noreg, "not needed"); // keep signature uniform with x86
tbz(flags, ConstantPoolCacheEntry::is_inline_type_shift, not_inline);
tbz(flags, ConstantPoolCacheEntry::is_null_free_inline_type_shift, not_null_free_inline_type);

void MacroAssembler::test_field_is_inlined(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& is_flattened) {
@@ -632,8 +632,8 @@ class MacroAssembler: public Assembler {
// get_default_value_oop with extra assertion for empty inline klass
void get_empty_inline_type_oop(Register inline_klass, Register temp_reg, Register obj);

void test_field_is_inline_type(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& is_inline);
void test_field_is_not_inline_type(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& not_inline);
void test_field_is_null_free_inline_type(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& is_null_free);
void test_field_is_not_null_free_inline_type(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& not_null_free);
void test_field_is_inlined(Register flags, Register temp_reg, Label& is_flattened);

// Check oops for special arrays, i.e. flattened and/or null-free
@@ -2618,14 +2618,14 @@ void TemplateTable::getfield_or_static(int byte_no, bool is_static, RewriteContr
} else { // Valhalla
if (is_static) {
__ load_heap_oop(r0, field);
Label is_inline_type, uninitialized;
Label is_null_free_inline_type, uninitialized;
// Issue below if the static field has not been initialized yet
__ test_field_is_inline_type(raw_flags, noreg /*temp*/, is_inline_type);
// field is not an inline type
__ test_field_is_null_free_inline_type(raw_flags, noreg /*temp*/, is_null_free_inline_type);
// field is not a null free inline type
__ push(atos);
__ b(Done);
// field is an inline type, must not return null even if uninitialized
__ bind(is_inline_type);
// field is a null free inline type, must not return null even if uninitialized
__ bind(is_null_free_inline_type);
__ cbz(r0, uninitialized);
__ push(atos);
__ b(Done);
@@ -2645,7 +2645,7 @@ void TemplateTable::getfield_or_static(int byte_no, bool is_static, RewriteContr
__ b(Done);
} else {
Label is_inlined, nonnull, is_inline_type, rewrite_inline;
__ test_field_is_inline_type(raw_flags, noreg /*temp*/, is_inline_type);
__ test_field_is_null_free_inline_type(raw_flags, noreg /*temp*/, is_inline_type);
// Non-inline field case
__ load_heap_oop(r0, field);
__ push(atos);
@@ -2929,14 +2929,14 @@ void TemplateTable::putfield_or_static(int byte_no, bool is_static, RewriteContr
__ pop(atos);
if (is_static) {
Label is_inline_type;
__ test_field_is_not_inline_type(flags2, noreg /* temp */, is_inline_type);
__ test_field_is_not_null_free_inline_type(flags2, noreg /* temp */, is_inline_type);
__ null_check(r0);
__ bind(is_inline_type);
do_oop_store(_masm, field, r0, IN_HEAP);
__ b(Done);
} else {
Label is_inline_type, is_inlined, rewrite_not_inline, rewrite_inline;
__ test_field_is_inline_type(flags2, noreg /*temp*/, is_inline_type);
__ test_field_is_null_free_inline_type(flags2, noreg /*temp*/, is_inline_type);
// Not an inline type
// Store into the field