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Openjelly, the open-source version of Jellycuts, is designed for Apple Shortcuts and licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.


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Welcome to the OpenJelly Initiative! Our organization is dedicated to acclerating and enhancing mobile-first development through innovative tools and libraries. We are responsible for these key repositories:

Repository Description
Star on GitHub Open-Jellycore Enhance Shortcut development with a versatile, text-based language.
Star on GitHub Open-Jellycuts Tailored for mobile development, this IDE enables devs to code from their phone.
Star on GitHub tree-sitter-jelly A parser for the Jelly language, enabling efficient syntax highlighting and code analysis.
Star on GitHub brand Primary brand guidelines for #OpenJelly.

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Tree-Sitter Jelly

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OpenJelly Branding

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What is OpenJelly?

The OpenJelly Initiative is an open-source project aimed at spearheading mobile-first environments. By providing a text-based language and a dedicated IDE to Apple Shortcuts, we empower mobile developers to create more versatile and accessible Shortcuts breaking free from the limitations of traditional platforms.


Comprehensive documentation for each project can be found in their respective repositories:


Join our growing community of developers and contribute to the OpenJelly Initiative:


  1. I'm not great with Github or Git, where can I try Jelly and Jellycuts mobile IDE?

  2. What is Jelly language like?

    • Many developers say that Jelly Language resembles Swift and Javascript. If you have experience with Javascript, you should be able to create shortcuts quickly.
  3. Why did you not use Javascript?

    • Javascript is an expressive language but we found that it was not the right tool for creating Shortcuts. For example, await/async callbacks are a complex in Javascript and unecessary with Shortcuts. Submitting a GET and POST request in Jelly is just easier to accomplish.
  4. Is there any way to integrate Javascript?

    • Yes, many developers have found success adding Javascript to a WebView.
  5. Why would anyone want to create from a mobile phone?

    • We wanted to provide better access to mobile-first developers who want to create while on the move. Plus, let's be honest, no one wants to lug around a laptop while they're:
      • Traveling and waiting at the airport. Instead ofpretending to be productive (but actually just doomscrolling), you can be productive.
      • Sitting on a beach, trying to justify the "working vacation" to your boss.
      • Stuck on public transport, where you can't escape the person next to you watching a drama series at full volume.
      • Waiting in line at the DMV, where time stands still and you wonder if you’ll ever see daylight again.
      • Sitting through a boring meeting that could have been an email.
  6. Can Jellycuts support other languages?

    • Jellycuts does support the Ruby language by way of the Rubist app.
  7. Can I create shortcuts using a Linux or Windows machine?

  8. I am already proficient with creating Shortcuts on my iOS device, why would I choose Jellycuts?

    • Many developers will share that it's very difficult to create shortcuts beyond 50 actions. If you have a complex project, Jellycuts will make things easier to work with.
  9. I already created a shortcut and it's live on RoutineHub, how can I integrate it into Jellycuts?

    • Jellycuts offers an import helper shortcut that will convert your shortcut into a JellycutsDictionary file. It's not 100% perfect but it will certainly help you save a lot of time.
  10. Is learning Jellycuts worth my time?

    • If you are a new (or experienced) developer, Jellycuts can help you get your idea out into the world quickly. Rather than downloading a 13GB Xcode app, registering (and paying) for an Apple Developer account, and submitting your app for App Store review, you can write your core idea within Jellycuts in a fraction of that time, publish (and version control) your shortcut on, and get instant feedback from the larger RoutineHub community.
  11. What is RoutineHub?

  • RoutineHub is a platform dedicated to Shortcuts, allowing users to discover, share, and download pre-made shortcuts for iOS and macOS devices. It's a community-driven marketplace where creators can showcase their work and users can streamline their daily routines with automation.
  1. Why are we using their Discord?
  • The original original author of Jelly Lang and Jellycuts has partnered with RoutineHub to open source these tools and launch the #OpenJelly initiative. Together, we aim to promote mobile-first development worldwide, starting with Shortcuts. RoutineHub's Discord hosts over 1800 members dedicated to Shortcuts and other forms of mobile-first technical development.

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  1. Open-Jellycuts Open-Jellycuts Public

    Pocket-Sized IDE

    Swift 67 5

  2. Open-Jellycore Open-Jellycore Public

    A compiler for the Jelly language that allows you to create Apple Shortcuts using Jelly!

    Swift 61 4

  3. tree-sitter-jelly tree-sitter-jelly Public

    Tree Sitter Grammar for the Jelly language

    C 3 1

  4. jellycuts-support jellycuts-support Public

    Jellycuts VSCode extension

    TypeScript 2

  5. .github .github Public

  6. Brand Brand Public

    OpenJelly brand design assets


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