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A compiler for the Jelly language that allows you to create Apple Shortcuts using Jelly!


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An open source version of the originally closed source Jellycore. This package handles all of the transpiling of Jelly -> Shortcuts.

Compiling in the Command Line

To compile a Jellycut using the CLI, you will need to first install Jelly from the homebrew package manager.

# Get the brew tap that hosts Jelly
brew tap actuallytaylor/formulae

# Install jelly
brew install jelly

Using the CLI

The CLI is very simple, the only required argument is the path to the jelly file you want to compile. Optionally you can include the flag --export to export the Jellycut to a Shortcut. If you want to specify an export path you can pass a file path with the --out <out> option.

# Compile a script
jelly HelloWorld.jelly

# Compile and export a script
jelly HelloWorld.jelly --export

# Compile and export a script to a specified path
jelly HelloWorld.jelly --export --out ./helloworld.shortcut

Why a brand new version?

You may see this package and ask, Why is this a brand new repository?

The answer is quite simple, the old repository is extremely bloated and with 3 years of history I was not able to quickly ensure nothing sensitive was accidentally being leaked. Jellycore used to be closely linked to Jellycuts so a lot of the code is hard to understand and poorly documented.

The creation of a new repository turned out to be faster and much more efficient then converting the old Jellycore into a repository that was safe to Open Source. Rewriting Jellycore also provided me the ability to document every piece of code so it is easy for anyone looking at it to understand.

Even though this is a new repository, you will see parts of code that have been present since the original versions of Jellycuts. The information at the top of files is was kept when moving files.

Features (Compared to Private Jellycore)

Because this is a brand new version of Jellycore, it does not currently support all of the original features of the Jelly languages. However, Open Jellycore will eventually have feature parody with the Private Jellycore versions.

Feature Open Jellycore Private Jellycore
Parse Jelly Files
Function Calls
If Statements
Repeat Statements
Repeat Each Statements
Repeat Statement Variables
Magic Variables
Export Shortcut Plist
Custom User Functions
Custom User Macros
Return Statements
Import Third Party Libraries
Read Icon and Color Flags
Test Suite
Full Error Handling
Full Source Documentation

Using Jellycore in your own projects!

I have written this version of Jellycore with the intention of it being possible for others to use it across the Shortcuts ecosystem. It has also been built with as many Swift platform features as possible, attempting to not rely on Apple's Foundation framework, however at times it still does.


The entirety of Jellycore is documented using Doc-C. See Online documentation.


If you are curious about contributing or where to start, the Features header is a great place to look at what is still left! If you are looking for smaller things to fix, there are a plethora of // TODO: comments throughout the library that are all small fixes or additions that would be nice to have.