The Open Journal
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The Open Journal

What is this? In short, it's an open review engine for digital media. The goal is to provide a way for a bunch of people to get together (think editorial board) and make comments on a thing (think academic paper). This thing only needs to have a URL (that's open) to be reviewable.

Simple right ?

You can read more about our motivations for working on this here.

Getting it running

Install Ruby (Currently at 2.3.0)

Install node and npm

npm install -g bower bundle install rake bower:install or rake bower:update

Does it work?

Current status

Right now there is only a Ruby logic layer under development. This is the core permission layer we think is important for defining differences between Authors, Editors and Reviewers.

Once this is finished up we'll be adding in a lightweight presentation layer that will make this a more fully-fledged web application.

Is it green?

Hopefully/probably? You can keep an eye on Travis stuff here:

Build Status