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OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council
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The OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council

The OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council (CPC) is the technical governing body of the OpenJS Foundation. It is described in the CPC Charter

CPC Scope

The CPC's primary role is to foster an environment of collaboration. That environment extends within and between OpenJS Foundation Projects. It also extends between the Projects and the larger community.

The CPC exercises autonomy in managing its responsibilities and seeks agreement from the OpenJS Foundation Board on any change to the scope of those responsibilities.

OpenJS Foundation Projects

Impact Project

Growth Projects

At-Large Projects

Emeritus Projects

CPC Meetings

The CPC meets weekly. We publish meeting agendas as issues, and also publish meetings on our calendar. (iCal) (Add to Google Calendar)

CPC members should attend as many meetings as possible, and non-members are welcome to join as observers. To add an item to the agenda, create an issue and add the cross-project-council-agenda label.

CPC Members

Voting Members

Impact Project Representatives

Each Impact Project may appoint 2 representatives to the CPC as outlined in the CPC Charter

  • Appium: Dan Graham (@dpgraham) & Jonah Stiennon(@Jonahss)
  • Dojo: Matt Gadd (@matt-gadd) & Dylan Schiemann (@dylans)
  • jQuery: Dave Methvin (@dmethvin) & Timmy Willison (@timmywil)
  • Node.js: Matteo Collina (@mcollina) & Joe Sepi (@joesepi)
  • webpack: Sean Larkin (@TheLarkInn) & Even Stensberg (@evenstensberg)

Growth & At Large Project Representatives

According to the CPC Charter, each of the Growth and At Large Projects may nominate a candidate to fill one of two voting seats on the CPC which represent this group of projects as a whole. Currently, the five individuals listed below were nominated during the bootstrap process and the bootstrap committee decided that all nominees would be given a voting seat until a process for nomination and election of these representatives was formalized.

  • Architect: Kris Borchers (@kborchers)
  • messageformat: Eemeli Aro (@eemeli)
  • Mocha: Christopher Hiller (@boneskull)
  • Node-RED: Nick O'Leary (@knolleary)
  • webhint: Antón Molleda (@molant)

Regular Members

According to the CPC Charter anyone who has been a member of one of the projects under the OpenJS Foundation for at least three months may request to become a regular member by opening a PR to add themselves to the list of regular members

  • Abraham Jr Agiri (@codeekage)
  • Jordan Harband (@ljharb)
  • Jory Burson (@jorydotcom)
  • Michael Dawson (@mhdawson)
  • Myles Borins (@MylesBorins)
  • Sendil Kumar (@sendilkumarn)
  • Tierney Cyren (@bnb)


Anyone can be an Observer. Observers are free to attend meetings and participate in the work of the CPC as well as the consensus seeking process. Observers are encouraged to participate and volunteer but should refrain from disrupting or blocking progress. Observers are expected to participate in a positive and collaborative manner as well as following the code of conduct and member expectations like other CPC participants. If an Observer fails to meet these expectations they can be excluded from future CPC meetings based on a standard CPC motion.

Policy Change Proposal Process

The OpenJS CPC is chartered to oversee the technical governance of all OpenJS Projects and Working Groups under the OpenJS Foundation. The CPC establishes the default governance, conduct, and licensing policies for all Projects. Projects have broad powers of self-governance.

Anyone may submit an idea for a policy or program following the staging process.

The pull request can be labeled cross-project-council-agenda to request that it be put on the agenda for the next CPC meeting.

The OpenJS Foundation Board of Directors retains certain rights (especially legal considerations). If the CPC endorses a proposal, they will escalate to the OpenJS Foundation Board of Directors when required to do so.

Communication Channels

CPC discussion generally happens via GitHub issues and during our regular public meetings, which are open to CPC members and observers.

In addition, the OpenJS Foundation maintains a number of mailing lists. Project participants are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the list for technical updates and discussion.

Discussion should be held in the open whenever possible. However, if you need to raise a private concern with the CPC and you feel it is inappropriate for public discussion, you can email the list. Depending upon the circumstances, the CPC may request that you resubmit the issue in a public forum.

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