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The People's Community of JavaScriptlandia

JavaScriptLandia is a place where all JavaScript developers, whether if you're all about TypeScript, a React evangelist, or you stick to Node.js, gather to declare their support for the JavaScript ecosystem and OpenJS.

It's an Individual Supporter Program whose goals are to help bring awareness about OpenJS projects to possible contributors. A way for individuals to show support and be a part of the OpenJS Foundation, as well as providing an opportunity for community with the other supporters.

While one goal of this group is introducing supporter to projects and helping the projects find the support they need via new core commiters; the supporter program will also be an opportunity to welcome an inclusive group of coders from around the world that love the projects that are part of the OpenJS Foundation. This also brings in new perspectives and feedback from the vast community of JavaScript developers.

We also want to grow awareness of OpenJS, our projects, and how to get involved.

Additionally, being an Individual supporter should help people understand that their projects can also get support from the foundation, and that the OpenJS Foundation is their foundation.

A tertiary goal is to establish a pool from which an ambassador program can be started. Recognizing people that advocate and recruit for OpenJS projects.

Supporter Benefits

Citizens of JavaScriptlandia will receive a supporters' weekly newsletter keeping them up to date on the last from OpenJS projects, the CPC, and the board. They will be invited to participate in discussions about governance and new initiatives.

They will be featured on our global supporter page, and will be given a digital passport that they can put on an avatar, their blog, and/or personal website. Their passport will feature the libaries that they use the most, and the ones that they are the are the biggest fans of.

There will be a repository for supporters, and they will be able to display their badge proudly on their Github profile. Supporters can incubate projects in that repository (this should have discussion).

Additionally, they will receive discounts for training, certification, conferences, and potentially exclusive offers from member organizations.

Lastly, supporters will have access to the supporter store where they can purchase OpenJS supporter swag to show their support for our projects. Revenue from swag will go towards furthering the reach of the foundation.

Supporter Cost

OpenJS supporters are charged $25/year. Supporter status is renewed 1 year from the date of your initial support. Supporters can cancel at any time and not be charged for the next year.

Supporters will be required to comply with the Code of Conduct, and may be subject to removal upon violation.

Required Resources

What resources would be needed to execute it?

  • Workflow to add new supporters to monthly email
    • Existing subscribers will not be removed
    • They can request removal at any time
    • Optional additional email content, such as “What is the CPC and how can I get involved” can be set up via an email drip campaign for new supporters.
  • Design
    • JavaScriptlandia logo, passports, avatars, and swag
  • Web
    • A page to reflect current supporters on the website
    • A swag store for supporters (turnkey)
    • A sign up page for membership with a payment gateway that allows for subscriptions
    • Possibly a page with a passport that you can add stamps to?
  • Foundation
    • Support for the members of the supporter program (questions, emails, updates)
    • Ensuring that the supporter program is continually promoted and growing
    • Help with running periodic satisfaction surveys (NPS or related)