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Staging Process

Anyone may submit an idea for a policy or program following the staging process outlined below. To submit an idea, create a folder in the appropriate directory found in ./proposals, update proposals/, submit a pull-request, and apply the appropriate staging label.

For stage 0 proposals a is sufficient, for later stages please include the appropriate supporting documents as well.

The proposal will be evaluated at bootstrap committee meetings and stage changes will occur at those times.

Stage 0 - Initial Proposal

Proposals in this stage are summarized in a markdown file. They have a short name and an identified 'champion' - at least one person who will be pushing the proposal through to its conclusion. They have a rough description of the program idea or policy, what resources would be needed to execute it, what committee or role is responsible for overseeing it, ideas for metrics, execution, and so forth. They have clear language about which group or groups the program/policy will serve. The purpose of this stage is to capture the spirit of an idea the community may want to explore further, and to begin thinking about implementation ideas or process questions that need to be answered.

Stage 1 - Draft Proposal

Proposals in this stage are written up in the style of the formal policy or program language. They include examples of the program idea or policy in action, with clear steps and guidelines. They include the steps that will need to be taken to initially implement the idea or policy. The purpose of this stage is to refine the policy, make sure all stakeholders (including the board) have had a chance to review and request changes, and determine whether further iteration is needed.

Stage 2 - Accepted Proposal

Proposals in this stage are nearly complete. They may be in a pilot or trial-run mode for a limited audience, or pending legal review. They may be awaiting budget approval. The purpose of this stage is to complete any operational checks, such as acquiring budget, access, or Board approval if needed, before launching the program.

Stage 3 - Complete

The proposal is now an adopted policy or program of the Foundation, and is owned by the committee or role identified. It is expected that the policy or program will be re-evaluated on some regular basis and deprecated if need be.

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