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Community Board Representation

Stage 3


Myles Borins


What exists today

Currently the Node.js foundation has up to 3 community board seats:

  • 1 board seat for TSC
  • 1 board seat for Community Committee
  • 1 board seat for Individual Membership Program

There are some limitations on these seats as noted in Section 4.3, specifically that:

4.3 d) There must be 3 platinum directors for the individual membership theo elect a board member

4.3 e) There must be 2 platinum directors for the TSC or CommComm to elect a board member

Proposal for OpenJS Foundation

There would be up to 3 community board seats:

  • 1 board seat for CPC
  • 1 floating board seat to be delegated by CPC
    • delegated on an annual basis and approved by Board
  • 1 board seat for the individual membership program

Similar to the current bylaws there would be some limitations that would activate seats:

  • CPC would always have a board seat independent of platinum membership
  • There must be 2 platinum directors to activate the floating board seat
  • There must be 3 platinum directors and 2k individual members to activate the individual board member seat

These limitations allow for representation to scale with the growth of the foundation while also ensuring that there will always be community representation.

Who would be responsible?

This would be owned by both the board and the CPC

Why this proposal is important

Community representation is extremely important to the success of the foundation ensuring the board has insight into the community and vice versa.

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