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Individual Membership Program

Stage 3


Tracy Hinds


The projects of the OpenJS Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation", should strive to feel more engaging and welcoming. The Individual Membership program brings together Foundation projects contributors and users – who are not current contributors – through increased participation, solicited input, and first access to some Foundation provided benefits. This program codifies a relationship with our ecosystem, and provides an opportunity for the Foundation, and member companies, to connect with engaged community members through systematic communication building.

Required Resources

What resources would be needed to execute it?

  • Administrator for elections, tooling, and communications coordination for membership
  • Tooling: membership management system and election system

Who would be responsible?

The CPC would own the maintenance and sustainability of the programs with power to delegate, and would be aided by the Executive group with resources of the Foundation to execute.

How would success be measured?

Given the goals outlined in this proposal,

  • NPS score improves by 10% after base is established
    • With the introduction of better feedback mechanisms, we should be able to move some detractors to passives, and some passives to promoters.
  • Relaunch of program results in at least a 2X growth in active membership roster in first year of program.

Why this proposal is important

With the historical data we have regarding individual membership in Node.js, if Board Directors wish for the Individual Membership to be representative of the larger umbrella projects engaged ecosystem, we know that the number of members prior and the number of members who voted was not statistically significant nor representative. The Individual Membership did not have a clear path, role, or definition and all three are required in order to set the program up for success and provide proper service to these member programs.

The goals of the proposed program include:

  • To give a voice and direction to a larger and different group than core collaborators of projects. To feel bought into the Foundation.
  • To have a visible association with the foundation
  • They see direct benefit through the swag, resources, etc.

How does this program achieve this?

  • Provides the interested but not yet fully engaged members the path to engagement and voice
  • Operationalizes programs that focus on folks who are more engaged and interested in giving and getting feedback outside of the collaborator base on the project and foundation work through guaranteed communications, surveys, better evangelists prepared with exclusive information ahead of the world to provide this value.
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