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'''Command line tool to load a Simple Data Format Data Package into sqlite.
For usage do:
python -h
import json
import argparse
import urlparse
import os
import sqlite3
import urllib
import urllib2
import csv
mappings = {
'string': 'text',
'number': 'real',
'float': 'real',
'integer': 'integer',
'date': 'string',
'boolean': 'integer'
def load(dpurlOrPath, sqlitePath):
if not dpurlOrPath.split('://')[0] in ['http', 'https', 'ftp']:
# it's a path
dpurl = path2url(dpurlOrPath)
dpurl = dpurlOrPath
# urljoin makes this work right -
dpurl = urlparse.urljoin(dpurl, 'datapackage.json')
basepath = dpurlOrPath.rstrip('datapackage.json')
dpfo = urllib2.urlopen(dpurl)
out = json.load(dpfo)
for finfo in out['resources']:
# normalization so we do not have to handle both alternatives
if not 'url' in finfo:
finfo['url'] = urlparse.urljoin(dpurl, finfo['path'])
process_resource(finfo, sqlitePath)
def process_resource(finfo, dbpath):
'''Load the resource specified by finfo into the database at dbpath
if 'name' in finfo:
tablename = finfo['name']
_fname = urlparse.urlparse(finfo.get('url', ''))[2].split('/')[-1]
tablename = os.path.splitext(_fname)[0]
fields = finfo['schema']['fields']
_columns = ','.join(
['"%s" %s' % (field['id'], mappings[field['type']])
for field in fields]
conn = sqlite3.connect(dbpath)
c = conn.cursor()
sql = 'CREATE TABLE "%s" (%s)' % (tablename, _columns)
_insert_tmpl = 'insert into "%s" values (%s)' % (tablename,
# could do this on but not very robust and will not work on remote urls ...
# sqlite> .mode csv
# sqlite> .import <filename> <table>
reader = csv.reader(urllib2.urlopen(finfo['url']))
# skip headers
for row in reader:
c.execute(_insert_tmpl, row)
def path2url(path):
return urlparse.urljoin(
'file:', urllib.pathname2url(os.path.abspath(path))
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Load a data package into sqlite.')
help='path to datapackage')
help='path to sqlite db')
args = parser.parse_args()
load(args.datapackage, args.sqlite)