W4P is an easy-to-configure crowdsourcing platform
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[WORK IN PROGRESS] W4P is an easy-to-setup crowdsourcing platform.

How to use

To use W4P, simply download the latest release or clone/fork for your editing pleasure. Then, follow the instructions in SETUP.

System requirements

  • You need a webserver running PHP 5.6 or higher. (PHP 7 is supported.)
  • You need a mail server so the application can send emails to backers.
  • Optional: If you are looking to incorporate payments, you need a Mollie API key. More information can be found during the setup process.

Want to contribute?

We're always looking to improve the core of W4P. You can contribute to the repository at GitHub by forking the main repository and opening a pull request with any code changes. For more information, see CONTRIBUTING.