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Small fix:
- added description to commands (exp)
- fixed the command "reload priority" - not all changes were applied
- changed hooks "incoming_deal" and "party_invite"
- added a new package: '0A96' (deal_add_other)
- changed the package '0801' (buy_bulk_vender)


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  • OpenKore is a custom client & intelligent automated assistant for Ragnarok Online.
  • It is a free, open source & cross-platform program (Linux, Windows & MacOS are supported).


To run OpenKore you will need:


  1. Download OpenKore & extract it. Alternatively, you could press the Windows Key + R, type in cmd & enter. Run the following command in the cmd to clone. Note: Git required.
git clone
  1. Configure OpenKore: documentation.
  2. Run (You can run start.exe or wxstart.exe if you use Windows).

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Have a problem?
    • Update your openkore.
    • Download a new.
  2. Still having problems?
  3. No information in the wiki?
  4. Cant find what you need? / Do not understand?
  5. Its a problem with Openkore?

Things to know

  • Make sure you've read FAQ especially to run latest commit on master branch & checking existed issue for your request.
  • Please post in English if possible.
  • Please use the issue template.
    • Please include informations about your server & any changes you did in your configuration.
    • Briefly explain what happened, take a screenhot & include the error message (If available).
  • Please be advised any developers here are doing this on their free time. Please give some time for anyone to respond.

Status of botting on Official Servers

Openkore is not working on all official servers, except for cRO.

Server Description Protection Status Supporter
iRO International(US) RO EAC Not working N/A
iRO-RT RO Transcendence EAC Not working N/A
bRO Brazil RO EAC Not working N/A
cRO China RO nProtect Botable, Weekly Update N/A
euRO Europe RO Frost Security Not working N/A
idRO Indonesia RO EAC Not Working N/A
jRO Japan RO HShield Need Verification N/A
kRO Korea RO nProtect Not Working N/A
kRO:Zero Korea Zero server nProtect Not Working N/A
phRO Philippines RO EAC Not Working N/A
ruRO Russia RO Frost Security Not Working ya4ept
ruRO-Prime Russia RO Frost Security Not Working ya4ept
tRO Thailand RO EAC Not Working N/A
twRO Taiwan RO Cdclient Not working N/A


OpenKore is developed by a team located around the world. Check out the documentation and if necessary, submit a pull request.



Other communities are not affiliated to

Other Links

  1. Openkore History
  2. Legacy Changelog
  3. Openkore RoadMap
  4. Feature Requests and TODO Wiki and Feature Requests GitHub


This software is open source, licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. Basically, this means that you're free to use and allowed to modify and distribute this software. However, if you distribute modified versions, you MUST also distribute the source code.

See for the full license.