A free/open source client and automation tool for Ragnarok Online
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  • OpenKore is an custom client and intelligent automated assistant for Ragnarok Online.
  • It is a free, open source and cross-platform program (Linux, Windows and MacOS are supported).


To run OpenKore you will need:


  1. Download OpenKore and extract it. Alternatively, you could press the Windows Key + R, type in cmd and enter. Run the following command in the cmd to clone. Note: Git required.
git clone https://github.com/OpenKore/openkore.git
  1. Configure OpenKore: documentation.
  2. Run openkore.pl (you can run start.exe or wxstart.exe if you use Windows).

Things to know

  • Before submitting an issue, ensure you are running the latest commit on branch.
  • Check if an issue already exists for your request.
  • Please post in English if possible.
  • Please use the issue template, please post information about the server and your configuration.
  • Remember, developers are doing this on free time.

Weekly Maintence on official Servers

Some official servers (like bRO and iRO) have a weekly maintence.
When this weekly maintence happens, openkore stops working on this server.
To make it work again, a developer have to update openkore.
So if you see a green message written: timeout on map server... reconnecting.... that means you have to wait for developer to update openkore.
So please wait, don't need to make an issue to tell this.

Status of botting on Official Servers

Server Description Protection Status Supporter
iRO International(US) RO *** Botable, Weekly Update allanon
bRO Brazil RO nProtect Botable, Weekly Update lututui, Henrybk, alisonrag
idRO Indonesia RO (Renewal) *** Botable alisonrag
idRO Indonesia RO (classic) *** Not Working N/A
fRO Europe(french) RO *** Botable allanon
cRO China RO nProtect Botable, Weekly Update alisonrag
kRO:Zero Korea Zero server Cdclient Not Working alisonrag
kRO Korea RO Cdclient Need Verification N/A
jRO Japan RO HShield Need Verification N/A
tRO Thailand RO EAC Need Verification N/A
mRO Malaysia RO EAC Not Working N/A
phRO Philippines RO EAC Not Working N/A
ruRO Russia RO Frost Security Not Working ya4ept
twRO Taiwan RO Cdclient Not working N/A


OpenKore is developed by a team located around the world. Check out the documentation and if necessary submit a pull request!



Other communities are not affiliated to openkore.com

Other Links

  1. Openkore History
  2. Legacy Changelog
  3. Openkore RoadMap
  4. Feature Requests and TODO Wiki and Feature Requests GitHub


This software is open source, licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. Basically, this means that you're free to use and allowed to modify and distribute this software. However, if you distribute modified versions, you MUST also distribute the source code.

See http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html for the full license.